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Thursday, October 13, 2016

SSS partners with BJMP to provide inmates social protection

By Julius B. Embile

LEGAZPI CITY, Oct. 13 (PIA) – Staying true to their task of providing social protection to Filipinos without prejudice, the Social Security System (SSS) partnered with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) of Albay province, for the launching of the ‘AlkanSSSya’ Program for jail residents.

“We agreed to the partnership, as we (SSS) are always here to help. We consider it as our responsibility, as we are tasked to provided social security and protection to all, hindi kami namimili (we have no prejudice)”, said Susan Malubag of SSS-Region 5’s Account Management Office.

According Malubag, their office was approached by BJMP officers to propose the partnership for the project, in cooperation with the Jail Residents and Visitors Association of Albay.

The AlkanSSSya Program of SSS aims to enables informal sector workers to save part of their daily income for monthly contributions has consistently complemented payments from self-employed and voluntary members by depositing money in ‘alkansya’ units.

For jail inmates, the program requires them to provide their SSS numbers, along with an ‘alkansya’ unit with their name on it, to the warden. Every month, authorized SSS personnel would be collecting the amount in the units, which will be remitted as their monthly contribution.

“While in BJMP custody, jail residents are provided means of livelihood like achara(preserved pickles)-making, carpentry and handicrafts. They can contribute what they earn for their SSS coverage,” said Alvin Orlain, jail warden of Daraga Municipal Jail, during a radio interview. “An average of Php 10 a day deposited in their ‘alkansya’ would be good,” he added.

However, through the SSS’s bracketing system, every alkansya unit must have a minimum of Php 330 per month to be qualified for a monthly contribution, and would not be collecting any amount which has not accumulated the same. If the minimum is not met, the money would be left until the said amount has been reached.

On the other hand, in order to make the monthly contribution easier, their family members of jail residents are also allowed to contribute any amount to their respective ‘alkansya’ units.

First to benefit from the program is Legazpi City Jail, where in 21 jail residents are now actively enrolled. The ‘alkansya’ units being used by the jail residents have been donated by mayor Noel Rosal and the city government of Legazpi.

An additional of more than 60 jail residents also enrolled in the AlkanSSSya Program from the Probation Office and Albay District Jail in Legazpi city. The units currently used by the inmates are also donated by Legazpi’s city government.

Yesterday (October 12), SSS launched the AlkanSSSya Program at Daraga Municipal Jail, which was participated by 39 jail residents. The said launching was facilitated by BJMP jail officers who were trained and supervised by SSS personnel.

In a radio interview, jail warden Orlain, who is also one of the BJMP officer approached SSS for the said partnership, commended the launching of the program.

“This is very important for our jail residents. Knowing that they have social security would really help them in their re-integration to society after they’re released,” said the warden. (MAL/JBE/PIA-5)

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