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Friday, February 27, 2009


LEGAZPI CITY — The power sector here is ‘more than stable’ as assessed by the Department of Labor and Employment in (DOLE) Bicol during the recent Regional Industry Tripartite Council (RITC) forum early this month.

DOLE Bicol regional director and RITC chairman Ernesto C. Bihis said the eight local electric cooperatives have assured that their revenues and manpower development programs are intact and ’untouched’, thus there is ’no reason’ for panic among the rank and file.

To closely monitor the sector’s trend, DOLE Bicol initiated the creation of the RITC last year to strengthen the bond between the management and personnel in order to achieve a harmonious, dispute-free workplace and continuous service.

“A social accord was also crafted which provided better benefits to the workers and now also serves as an ’assurance’ of not losing any jobs,” he said.

“The social accord protects both ways: the workers are secure in crisis like this, while the management is assured of smooth, uninterrupted operations in times of disputes.

With this signed and agreed social accord, everybody is happy,” the director added.The power sector remains as one of the main employment contributors with more than 1,000 regular workers and some thousand-more contractual and project-based workers being hired for specialized projects.

DOLE’s Workers Income Augmentation (WINAP) program awarded some P1.5 million grant to three electric cooperatives and one geothermal plant for livelihood project for its employees’ union.

The move, which is specified under the social accord gives employees additional income while giving the management a lee-way in granting additional benefits.

“If employees are earning aside from their salary then they will not demand an increase in benefits. Our aim here, first, is to stabilize the workplace and second, to generate additional employment,” Bihis recounted.(RPEscalante, DOLE V/PIA)


SORSOGON Province – Governor Sally A. Lee has convened today the chief executives of the 14 municipalities and Sorsogon City crafting policies and measures which will address the worsening problem and mounting threats of Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV).

”We need to establish a local coordinating mechanism that can lessen and further prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), particularly in the province,” Lee stressed.

Bicol Reproductive Health Information Network (BRHIN), a non-government organization, recently reported 60 HIV-positive cases were recorded in the Bicol region as of December 2008.

The BRHIN report further stated 23 cases were recorded in Albay, 15 in Camarines Sur, eight in Catanduanes, four in Camarines Norte and one in Masbate.

Sorsogon accounts for nine cases, the third highest in the region.Other types of sexually transmitted infections (STI) has also been noted rising in the region.

According to medical experts, the rise of STD cases is basically behavioral in nature as well as lack of education.

Critical to its prevention is the formation of advocacy measures especially through local government executives in hot spot areas for sustained local response on STI and HIV.

In order to address the health and societal threats of STD in the province, Lee has directed the Provincial Health Office (PHO) here to initiate a concerted effort between the local chief executives to formulate intensified measures against spread of STD as well as re-establish or foster a stronger link between the Philippine National Aids Council (PNAC), UNAID, other external partners and local government units.

These are viewed as urgent in identifying priority needs for initiating and/or sustaining local response.

Dr. Gladys Escote of the PHO said the past efforts to control the spreads of STD were not sustained which could have caused the increase of reported cases in the province.(MFD OPGS/PIA Sorsogon Release)


SORSOGON Province — The Mines and Geosciences Bureau in (MGB) Bicol, in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) provincial office here, has investigated the phenomenal ‘soil drop’ that allegedly occurred at sitio Tigkiw-na-Saday in Barangay Tigkiw in Gubat, Sorsogon.

Quoting an investigation report by Senior Science Research Specialist, Diosdado R. Dizon of Geosciences Division, MGB Bicokl regional director Reynulfo A. Juan said the ‘soil drop’ is actually a mass movement or a landslide.

“The landslide occurred at Sitio Uban, Barangay Inlagadian in Barcelona not in Barangay Tigkiw in Gubat as earlier reported in the media,” Juan said.

He noted the ‘phenomenon’ started as a small headward soil erosion along a small tributary of Danlog River in November 2008 and moved en-masse as a debris slump on January 2009 triggered by heavy rains.

“The landslide occurred at the gully head of a tributary of Danlog River and since the gully head is at the edge of a volcanic footslope, base cutting processes coupled with saturated soil resulted to a ground failure on nearly flat ground,” he explained.

“The slump is 75 meters wide, 150 meters long and 20 meters deep. About 225,000 cubic meters of materials moved downslope towards Danlog River,” Juan pointed out.(LDValdez, MGB V/PIA)


PILI, CAMARINES SUR — The Secretariat of the Pacific Community-Oceanic Fisheries Programme (SPC-OFP) has launched a tuna tagging research project across Western and Central Pacific Ocean to assess the stock, status and movement patterns of tuna species such as Bigeye, Skipjack and Yellowfin using different kind of tags.

The tagging project will help gather information regarding growth, fishing and natural mortality, and fish movements—all of which are important population parameters that are used to estimate the status of tuna stock, the impacts of fishing and provide invaluable information for conservation and management.

Tuna fisheries have to be assessed and managed among many nations because tuna are highly migratory fish and some species span across the Pacific, and thus are not always under the oversight of a single nation.

All tagged tuna have one (or sometimes two) plastic dart tags inserted below the second dorsal fin. An identifying tag number is printed twice on each tag and the words: SPC NOUMEA-REWARD-www.spc.int/tagging.

Most tags are yellow. If the tag is green or orange, the tuna will also have an electronic tag placed inside its body cavity. Tuna with a green dart tag also have a valuable acoustic tag that is not visible from the outside. Tuna with an orange tag have an archival tag which you can see because it has a clear antenna coming out of the body cavity.

A cash reward awaits each tag returned: $10 US for a yellow tag, $50 US for a green tag and $250 US for an orange or red tag. There will also be an annual lottery with large cash prizes.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) validates the returned tags and awards the cash prizes in the Philippines.

Just recently, three fishermen from Tabaco City were given a total of fifty dollars (P2,250.00) for returning five yellow tags from yellow-fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) caught by hook and line and purse seine. They are Domingo Bansagales of Barangay Sagurong SMI who returned three yellow tags, Rogelio Biron and Fernando Esplana of Barangays Bacolod and Bangkilingan respectively who returned one yellow tag each.

BFAR Bicol regional dirctor Dennis del Socorro led the awarding of the cash prizes to these fishermen on February 4, 2009 at Tabaco City Pier Site.

A personnel of the National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP) of BFAR, Rose Bubuli coordinated with the fishermen in returning the said tuna tags.

The success of the project depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders especially those involved in tuna fisheries because the more tags returned, the more accurate information will be obtained, thereby providing the best scientific advice for future tuna fisheries and management.

With tuna fisheries believed as crucial to the economic development and future food security with the potential to increase export earnings and create jobs, the result of the project will contribute a lot in the sustainable management of fishery resources especially tuna.(RCanabe, BFAR V/PIA)


LEGAZPI CITY — Some 670 nurses in the Bicol region will be hired by the government under the “Nurses Assigned to Rural Service” (NARS) program, according to regional director Ernesto Bihis of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

“Registered nurses, who are unemployed for years and whose family-member is displaced by the global financial crisis, can now apply for employment through this 6-month program which will commence April 1, 2009,” he said.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo launched February 9 the NARS program during the Multi-Sectoral summit on Global Financial Crisis (GFC) at Malacañan to cushion the effects of the global economic meltdown thru local job generation.

The President has tasked DOLE to take the lead in the implementation of the program, in coordination with the local government units all over the country.

“Some P5.3 million has been allocated for the Bicol region, but we are still lobbying for additional funds for additional slots here,” Bihis related in an interview recently this week.

The NARS program also intends to address issues on the accumulation of a glut in inexperienced nurses and the proliferation of volunteer nurses working in hospitals without being paid, but instead, the latter requiring them to pay in order to obtain Certificate of Work Experience.

“Imagine you’re already a nursing graduate, you’ve used up all your money for review and board exams, yet instead of getting paid you will be the one paying the hospitals for experience? This is nonsense.” the director lamented.

The NARS in Bicol, will be implemented in two (2) batches.Hired nurses will be deployed at an average of 5 per town in the identified 3rd and 6th class municipalities for a 6-months tour-of-duty with a minimum monthly salary of P8,000.00.

The first batch will start on April 2009, while second batch will be dispatched n October 2010.

Priority in hiring will be given to those nurses who are dependents of workers affected by the economic crisis.

“Unemployed registered nurses who are physically and mentally fit and willing to serve in their hometowns who meet the requirements may qualify for the training cum employment under our NARS program” Bihis noted.

Qualified to apply are registered nurse will PRC license, not over 35 years old, resident of the identified municipalities, and has no nursing-related practice for 1-3 years.

Applicants may apply at the DOLE Bicol regional office and provincial offices. They may also apply thru the internet at http://www.nars.dole.gov.ph/, (RP Escalante, DOLE V/PIA)


TIGAON, Camarines Sur — After years of waiting and hoping on the promises made by politicians every election year, the people of barangay Tinawagan and Libod in this municipality finally realized their dream of a walking on a concrete road with the groundbreaking ceremonies Wednesday (February 25) of Tinawagan-Libod farm-to-market road.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has allocated P3M for the concreting of the 430-meter Tinawagan – Libod farm-to-market road (FMR) as part of the government’s stimulus package to rev up economic growth thru agricultural productivity, especially in the countryside in the face of global economic slowdown.

When completed, the project is expected to benefit 1,321 households. Over 330 hectares of agricultural lands, planted to rice, coconut, corn, sugarcane, banana, abaca, pili, mango, citrus and vegetables, will also benefit from the FMR project.

DA regional executive director Dr. Jose V. Dayao and Tigaon Mayor Arnie Fuentebella led the launching ceremonies, followed by the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the two parties.

He said that this activity is but one of the nationwide simultaneous launching of various FMRs spanning over 2,000 kilometers across the nation that will generate an estimated 53,00 jobs.

He also explained the DA is shifting this year its focus on hard or “big –ticket” projects which include irrigation, post harvest facilities and farm-to-market roads in lieu of “soft” projects like fertilizer support to farmers as the former have greater and more sustainable impact.

Fuentebella for his part gratefully acknowledged the realization of the project for the people of barangay Tinawagan who have long been clamoring for the concreting of their road over the years.

He said that particular road section is often unpassable especially during rainy days as the water from the creeks and ricefields would all converge into in the middle of the road further eroding it .

He also related that it has always been a campaign promise by many-a-politician that they would work for the concreting of said road the moment they are elected but these had remained just a promise.

FMR projects are usually located within Key Production Area, marginal lands or new sites under convergence initiatives which link these areas to higher road class systems and major markets or trading posts.(EBBordado, DA V/PIA)


MANILA -- For all Filipino World War II veterans applying to receive their benefit under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the U.S. Embassy is actively working to implement quickly this new law to ensure eligible veterans receive their rightful benefits as soon as possible.

In order to best serve the Filipino veteran community and to provide those eligible veterans the opportunity to apply at the earliest opportunity, the application process no longer requires an in-person appearance.

Veterans do not need to appear in-person. There is no fee to apply for this new benefit. Application forms are available at the U.S. Embassy, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City and the 13 Philippine Veterans Affairs Offices located throughout the Philippines.

For further details on these locations and dates when the U.S. Veterans Affairs Manila Regional Office staff will be on duty to assist veterans applying for the new benefit, go to:http://manila.usembassy.gov.

Applications are now being accepted and will continue to be accepted for one year, until February 16, 2010. Those applications being mailed from within the Philippines may be mailed with required supporting documents, and should be sent to:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
1131 Roxas Boulevard 0930
Manila, Philippines

Veterans needing assistance with their application may request an appointment with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Manila Regional Office V by calling (2) 528-2500 within Metro Manila or 1 800 1888 5252 toll free, or via e-mail at https://iris.va.gov. In many instances, any assistance you may need to complete the application can be provided by calling these numbers and you will not need to appear in-person.

For additional information including eligibility requirements and required supporting documents for your application, go to “Frequently Asked Questions” located on our US Embassy website at: http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwhs581.html. (PIA V Release)


MANILA — President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will join nine leaders of Southeast Asia at the 14th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit which opens here today and runs until March 1.

The theme of the summit, “ASEAN Charter for ASEAN People”, underlines the regional leaders’ vision of a new era for ASEAN.Aside from the Philippines, the other members of the regional bloc are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The President is expected to arrive in Thailand tomorrow (Feb. 28).Upon her arrival here, the President and the other heads of state of the ASEAN-member countries will participate in a series of high level meetings and conferences at the Dusit Hotel here.

The main focus of the summit will be ASEAN's efforts to help its export-dependent economies withstand the ravages of the global financial crisis, with some member nations already caught or on the brink of the recession.

The ASEAN leaders are also scheduled to sign a declaration on a roadmap for forming a European Union-style community by 2015 and formally initial a free-trade pact with Australia and New Zealand.

They will also discuss a $120-billion emergency fund which the ASEAN finance approved earlier Sunday.

The President is scheduled to return to Manila on March 1.(PIA V Release)


MANILA — President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s ‘One Town, One Scholar” program that will ensure the college education of at least one bright and deserving but poor high school senior from each of the country’s 1,500 municipalities every year, finally takes off the ground this school year (SY) 2009-2010.

The implementation of the program starting June this year was finalized in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed Thursday night during the 6th National Directorate Meeting of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) at the Torre Venezia Hotel along Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

Signatories to the MOA are Binalonan, Pangasinan Mayor Ramon Guico, LMP president; Secretary Hermogenes Esperon, Presidential Management Staff (PMS) chief, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chairman Emmanuel Angeles, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Eduardo Soliman, Department of Education (DepEd) Undersecretary Vilma Labrador, Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Undersecretary Mario Relampagos, and PASUC president Dr. Lauro Tacbas.

Esperon said the program will ensure that the best and brightest public high school graduate from each of the country’s 1,500 municipalities, especially those who have no financial means, will get a college education.

For SY 2009-2010, Relampagos said CHED would allocate P46.35 million from its existing budget for the program, while succeeding funding requirements for the scholars would be incorporated under CHED’s annual proposed budget.

Guico assured LMP fully supports the program and will encourage local government units to augment the scholarship benefits for their town scholars.He foresees the doubling or even tripling of the number of town scholars shortly, depending on the capacity of member municipalities.

Dr. Tacbas said the One Town, One Scholar program is one huge help for poor students since poverty is the main cause of dropouts in the 110 state universities and colleges nationwide.

Under the “One Town, One Scholar” Program, all scholars will each receive a scholarship grant for a four-year or five-year college degree program, including free tuition, transportation and living allowances, not exceeding P15,000 per semester for SY 2009-2010 and every year thereafter. The scholar, however, must pass the state college or university’s entrance examinations.

As conceived, Town Scholars must (a) be a natural born Filipino citizen residing in the municipality; (b) be a graduating student of a public high school in the municipality; (c) belong to the top 10 of the graduating class of their public school; (d) come from a family whose combined gross annual income is below P300,000; and (e) have good moral character and good health.

Interested applicants have to submit their letters of application to their respective schools, subject to the screening and selection process agreed upon by the municipal government and DepEd, aside from the program’s minimum requirements.

Period for application, screening and selection of grantees at the municipal town level is from March 1 to April 15, 2009, after which the town mayor will endorse to the CHED Regional Office (CHEDRO) the selected scholar. CHED will validate the grantee’s records prior to the final issuance of Scholarship Certificate.(PIA V Release)


MANILA — Most private universities and colleges have heeded President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s call for a freeze in tuition fee hike this school year to help poor students and their families cope up with the adverse effects of the global economic downturn.

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Emmanuel Angeles bared this positive development during the signing Thursday night (February 26) of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the “One Town One Scholar” program of the government.

The program seeks to ensure the college education of at least one bright and deserving but poor high school senior from each of the country’s 1,500 municipalities every year, starting school year (SY) 2009-2010.

The MOA was signed by officials of agencies involved in the program during the 6th National Directorate Meeting of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) at the Torre Venezia Hotel along Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

In his recent visits to the regions, Angeles said private universities and colleges have manifested their support for President’s call for a freeze in tuition hike on account of the worsening global financial crisis.

He added that he is pleased by the positive response of private schools’ officials in other regions to the President’s appeal for a moratorium on tuition increase this year.

“Siguro baka wala pang ten percent ang mag i-increase kung sakali man (Perhaps only 10 percent of them will increase their rates, if at all). So it is working and we will continue our appeal to them,” Angeles added.

In addition to the moratorium on tuition increases, President Arroyo has also directed CHED to appeal to all private and public colleges and universities to allow the children of temporarily displaced overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to continue their college education under a deferred payment scheme.

Earlier, President Arroyo likewise directed the temporary shelving of all tuition fee hike plans in al the 110 state universities and colleges (SUCs) nationwide to help reduce the college dropout rate and firm up an environment conducive to quality tertiary education.(PIA V Release)


MANILA -- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will lead more than 500,000 public elementary school children and their parents in what aims to be the world’s first and largest march against illegal drugs.

Dubbed the Grand BIDA March, this activity is a major component of the Batang Iwas Droga (BIDA) project spearheaded by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Efraim C. Genuino and is supported by various government agencies, local government units and non-government organizations.

During the event, participants shall converge at the CCP Complex, starting at 1 p.m., then march along the length of Roxas Boulevard towards the Quirino Grandstand.

Through this effort, the organizations hope to earn for the country a place in history and a shot at a Guinness Book World Record.“We strongly encourage everyone, young or old and from all walks of life, to join this call for a drug-free nation,” Chairman Genuino said.

“Let us work together to make our country a safer place to live. We owe it to our children and to the future generations,” he stressed.(PIA V Release)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miss Earth Beauties with Engr. Liberato S. Virata, Bacman Resident Manager, Ms. Irma Guhit-PIA Sorsogon Manager, Director Felix C. Mendoza of DENR V-PAWCSZ , Gerry Bunao - Bacman CPD Chief, Engr. Beth Fruto PENRO-LGU Sorsogon

SORSOGON CITY — The Bacman Geothermal Production Field (BGPF) has launched over the weekend its wildlife conservation program and spearheaded a tree planting activity in the geothermal complex manifesting the company’s commitment to preserve the ecosystem as a good corporate citizen.Miss Earth 2008, Karla Paula Henry, along with other beauties, graced the launching activities and took time planting trees at the geothermal complex in Bacon district here.(BGPF-EDC/PIA)
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LEGAZPI CITY – Some 32 farmers’ cooperatives in the Bicol region have already been tapped in the distribution or direct selling of the affordable imported rice under the Institutionalized Farmers as Distributors (IFAD) program of the National Food Authority (NFA).(ACPapa, NFA/PIA)
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LEGAZPI CITY — The National Food Authority (NFA) Bicol has made four varieties of rice available to consuming public in the markets. Effective this month Institutionalized Bigasan sa Palengke (IBSP) retail outlets in the markets all over the region is setting NFA imported rice and local rice 25 percent broken priced at P25 per kilogram, 15 percent broken at P30, and 5 percent broken is pegged at P35.(ACPapa, NFA/PIA)
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MASBATE CITY — The 12-hour power outage imposed by the National Power Corporation (NPAC) on January 26-28 to the Ticao Island Electric Cooperative (TISELCO) for failure to pay P46 million in electric bills was lifted following a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued on January 29 this year.(EADelgado, PIA Masbate)
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MASBATE CITY — The Sangguniang Panlalawigan here castigated the Filminera Mining Corporation, the biggest gold mining company in the province for operating in Aroroy without Environment Compliance Certificate (ECC), the most important government requirement for miners.(EADelgado, PIA Masbate)
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LEGAZPI CITY – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Bicol field office led the annual observance of the “Legal Adoption Consciousness Week” aimed at raising public awareness concerning the growing number of orphaned and neglected Filipino children in need of permanent wholesome environment.Pursuant to Proclamation No. 12 dated February 3, 1999, every first week of February is declared as “Adoption Consciousness Week”.(EEJerusalem, DSWD/PIA)
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LEGAZPI CITY – Local government units, government line agencies, private and public schools, private offices and establishments in the Bicol region have confirmed participation in the First Quarter 2009 Simultaneous Nationwide Earthquake Drill is on February 27, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning, according to Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Bicol regional director Bernardo Rafaelito R. Alejandro.(MALoterte/PIA V Release)
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


LEGAZPI CITY — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) together with the Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Smart Communications, linked arms for the nationwide contest dubbed “National Competition for Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Schools,” to recognize efforts of various schools to undertake eco-friendly programs and activities.

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SORSOGON Province — Responding to the call for environmental protection, the Eco-Reps, composed of engineering students of the Sorsogon State College (SSC), here, will be initiating a province wide recycling competition tagged as “Recycle Mania: The 2009 Green Challenge.”

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LEGAZPI CITY — The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has officially taken over the nationwide transmission grid operations since January 15, this year, according to NGCP president and CEO Walter W. Brown.

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CASIGURAN, Sorsogon — The Agrarian Reform Community (ARC) in this town has entered into a four-year contract with a Spanish cooperator to implement projects expected to help fast track and sustain development in the several rural communities here.

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MASBATE Province - The US Armed Forces will send its engineering unit to Uson town in this province in April this year to undertake infrastructure projects in the conflict-affected barangays of Sawang and Dapdap, where the Philippine military is fighting the New People’s Army.

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MANILA — Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Alexander Yano said the Balikatan US-RP bilateral military exercises will push through in the Bicol region this April.

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Monday, February 23, 2009


LEGAZPI CITY — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) together with the Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Smart Communications, linked arms for the nationwide contest dubbed “National Competition for Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Schools,” to recognize efforts of various schools to undertake eco-friendly programs and activities.

Open to all elementary, high school and tertiary school levels, the activity aims to encourage schools and academic institutions to become more actively involved in environmental issues at a practical and local level.

School entries should revolve around the theme “Sustainable Eco-friendly Initiatives”. Participating schools should include a brief description of the project.

Entries will be rated according to the following: Inclusion of Environment-Awareness Aspect in the School Policy - 30 pts; Practice of Environment-friendly processes in School Operations - 30 pts; Integration of Environment Education in the School Curriculum - 30 pts; Presence of an Environmental Student Organization or Club - 5 pts; and Special Environment Programs and Projects - 5 pts. Only one entry per school for each category will be accepted.

Participants may submit entries in two copies and in exhibit-ready tarpaulins measuring 2 ft wide x 5 ft high to respective DepEd Division Offices for elementary and high school categories, and to EMB regional offices for the higher education category on or before May 31, 2009. Entries can likewise be submitted online in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi), a minimum size of 1536 x 2048 pixels, and a maximum file size of 1MB. Entries may be emailed to elenemb2002@gmail.com or elenemb2002@yahoo.com. The top entry per category for region will be forwarded to the EMB Central Office for national judging.

For the national level, prizes include: College, High School and Elementary: P50,000 - 1st prize; P40,000 - 2nd prize; P30,000 - 3rd prize and plaques of recognition. For the regional level, a certificate of recognition and a cash prize of P5,000 will be given to regional finalists for each category.

For further details, please contact the EMB Regional Office 5, Rawis, Legazpi City. Telefax (052) 482-0197 or 482-0326. Website: www.emb.gov.ph/eeid. (EMB/PIA Release)


SORSOGON Province — Responding to the call for environmental protection, the Eco-Reps, composed of engineering students of the Sorsogon State College (SSC), here, will be initiating a province wide recycling competition tagged as “Recycle Mania: The 2009 Green Challenge.”

Scheduled on February 24, the competition will not only gather students but leaders as well in order to identify and come up with visible solutions to the issues and concerns related to climate change.
John Edward E. Evano, Recycle Mania Project leader, said that the Eco-Reps composed of engineering students taking up Environmental Science Class has tied-up with the Supreme Student Government of SCc has initiated a benchmarking toll for the college’s program through this competition to promote waste reduction activities across the province.

Said competition will be participated in by secondary students who are creative enough to craft masterpieces out of wastes like old paint cans, flea spray bottles and bleach containers.

“Eco-Reps believe that we have a lot of local artists, specifically from the young generations who can turn the materials and costs accrued for their finished product,” he added.

Emphasis on the criteria for judging was given to the originally and creativity of the winning participant.

Prizes at stake for the first prize will be P3,000, second prize will be P2,000 and P1,000 for the third prize. All winners will also receive a medal and certificate. Awarding will follow at the SSC Social Hall after the presentation.(BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon Release)


LEGAZPI CITY — The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has officially taken over the nationwide transmission grid operations since January 15, this year, according to NGCP president and CEO Walter W. Brown.

Brown revealed “the privately-owned corporation, a consortium of Mont Oro Grid Resources Corporation, Calaca High Power Corporation and State Grid Corporation of China, won the competitive public bidding last December 2007 for the 25-year concession agreement to operate, manage and expand the high voltage power grid.”

“The concession agreement is extendable for another 25 years,” he added.
The Philippine Congress has then granted NGCP a 50-year franchise, which was also signed into law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on December 1, last year.

NGCP is now the official operator of the franchise formerly held by the government-owned and controlled National Transmission Corporation (TransCo), including the District II Office in barangay Peñaranda, Daraga town, this province to operate and maintain the country’s power transmission grid.

Brown further related that a residual TransCo organization has been organized to ensure NCGP’s compliance with the terms and condition of the concession agreement.
“The residual organization will monitor the power distribution firm’s compliance with regulatory laws, rules and regulations; divest remaining sub-transmission assets to qualified distribution utilities; and provide consultancy and other technical services for the management of the power distribution system,” he elaborated.

“The same team will also handle all existing cases, including right of way claims and other actions and claims retained by Tranco under the concession agreement,’ he added.

With NGCP’s take-over of power distribution franchise, the firm’s president and CEO assured the privatization and other reforms in the power industry will be carried out for the benefit of power costumers nationwide as envisioned by the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001.(MALoterte, PIA V Release)


CASIGURAN. Sorsogon — The Agrarian Reform Community (ARC) in this town has entered into a four-year contract with a Spanish cooperator to implement projects expected to help fast track and sustain development in the several rural communities here.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer Roseller Olayres said DAR Sorsogon, agrarian reform beneficiaries of cluster in Casiguran town, and Fundacion InterRed, a Spanish NGO has signed a Memorandum of Agreement or MoA for the implementation of series of training programs that would help enhance the skills and capabilities of the stakeholders in operation, management and operation of livelihood projects.

“DAR Sorsogon and Fundacion InterRed have identified Escuala, San Juan, Tigbao, Inlagadian Multi-purpose Cooperative (ESTIMUCO), a farmers’ organization, as the recipient of the training programs on food processing and development as well as identification of prospective market for their products,” disclosed Olayres.

Lingap para sa Kalusugan ng Sambayanan (LIKAS), Inc., also a partner-NGO of DAR, takes the lead in the social preparation and will assist in the implementation of the training programs for the ESTIMUCO.

“The agreement already commenced last April 25, 2008 and will continue until April 25, 2012,” he said.

DAR municipal development facilitator Marciana Olondriz meanwhile said the Spanish cooperator will also put up a demo-farm in this municipality, construct school buildings and public toilets, and other infrastructures for social services.

Components of the said project include community organizing, good governance, productivity system development, education, health, and disaster risk reduction.

Similar projects are being implemented by in the municipality of Pilar, also in Sorsogon province, in cooperation with the Aquinas University Foundation based in Legazpi City.

Fundacion InteRed has identified Camarines Sur and Sorsogon provinces as pilot areas in Bicol region for its projects.

Fundacion InteRed is financed by (Ahencia Española de Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarrollo (AENID) and has a base in Butuan City which operates in Caraga and Bicol region.(DAR Sorsogon/PIA Release)


Masbate Province - The US Armed Forces will send its engineering unit to Uson town in this province in April this year to undertake infrastructure projects in the conflict-affected barangays of Sawang and Dapdap, where the Philippine military is fighting the New People’s Army.

Pamphlets given to media men by US Armed Forces representatives revealed that the US Navy would bring engineers, tools and heavy equipment to construct a water system and school building in Dapdap.

The American military engineers will also build a water system is Sawang.

Both water system projects will involve drilling of wells and construction of water reservoir and distribution systems.

The American troops will also send their medical unit not only to barangays Dapdap and Marcella in Uson but also to barangays Marintoc, Balatucan and Bagacay all in Mobo town.
The medical assistance includes primary care, optometry, dental, surgery and veterinary services.

Colonel Ariel Bernardo, commanding officer of the 901st Infantry Brigade, said the projects hope to show the communities in Masbate that Balikatan 2009 is about cooperation and development.(EADelgado, PIA Masbate Release)


MANILA — Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Alexander Yano said the Balikatan US-RP bilateral military exercises will push through in the Bicol region this April.

Yano said the humanitarian mission and projects as well as trainings on disaster response activities will proceed as planned under the annual Balikatan with RP and US troops to be dispatched in Albay, Masbate, and Sorsogon starting April 16.

“There is no instruction or no policy (has been issued saying) that we will not continue (Balikatan), amidst the call to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), the AFP chief said.

Yano made the statement after at least five militant legislators reiterated their call for Congress to scrap the VFA, saying that the agreement’s provisions disparage Philippine sovereignty and violate the Constitution.

Representatives from party-list groups Bayan Muna, Gabriela and Anakpawis revived House Resolution No. 458 calling for the abrogation of the VFA, saying that the country had not gained anything from the agreement in the last nine years.

But retired Gen. Edilberto Adan, vice chairman of the VFA, said calls to abrogate VFA will not affect this year’s Balikatan exercise, saying that “all systems go for the bilateral military war games.”

“All systems go. The AFP Mutual Defense Board standing committee as well as the (US Armed Forces) Pacific Command representatives have been planning together for several months now,” Adan stressed.

“And the participants, the vessels, the aircrafts, the ships that will come are all programmed so it’s not that easy for us to say that it will push through (as) it’s still to early to say that the exercise will be cancelled,” he clarified.

RP-US Balikatan Exercises 2009 is the 25th in the series of bilateral exercises conducted every year to serve as a venue for joint and combined training between the Philippine and United States militaries.

The joint military exercises focus on revitalizing the inter-operability of the Philippines and US militaries in post conflict response through the conduct of disaster rehabilitation and rural development projects.

These will materialize through the Engineering Civic Action Program (ENCAP) and Medical Action Program (MEDCAP) activities which will be conducted in Bicol region.

About 11,000 Bicolanos will benefit from MEDCAP and a total of nine barangays will benefit from ENCAP. The vigorous relation between the military and the civilian community will be brought to greater heights as Community Relations activities will be conducted in several areas in the Bicol region.(PIA V Release)

Friday, February 20, 2009


SORSOGON Province — More than 2,000 slots were given by the national government to Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) provincial office under the President Gloria Scholarship Program to boost further the employability of Sorsoganons.

According to Dante Desuyo, TESDA provincial officer, P24 million was released by the national government for the extensive implementation of PGMA’s scholarship or the PGMA-Training for Work Scholarship Program। Some 1,345 slots were allotted for the 1st district and 1,307 slots for the 2nd district of the प्रोविंस.

Desuyo said the program aims at reducing the unemployment and underemployment rate in the country by helping students and the local populace get immediate employment not only in their localities but also abroad। “That is why we really encourage high school graduates to avail of this free skills training under the Pangulong Gloria Scholarship Program,” he added.

In Sorsogon, some 20 tertiary institutions are accredited by TESDA and are accepting PGMA scholars for more than three years now। “In fact, several Sorsoganons were already helped by the said scholarship specifically in metal craft where majority are now gaining sure income,” Desuyo said.

Priority courses identified by TESDA are shielded metal arc welding, automotive servicing, construction services, bar tending, electronics, agriculture and fishery, health and community development, information technology, tourism, and maritime।

Training package includes the training cost, institutional incentive package, training allowance and assessment fees.

“Availment of scholarship is on ‘first come, first serve’ basis that is why we encourage interested Sorsoganon to visit right away the TESDA office or its accredited institutions in the province,” he said.

Interested applicants shall be at least 18 years old, with birth certificate preferably issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO), and should be physically and mentally fit.

He also explained that the government wants to help not only the academic institution but primarily the poor and deserving Filipinos to enroll in job-directed training programs and earn the corresponding qualification that will enhance their employability, without much cost on their part.(BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon)


CAMARINES SUR Province — Some 200 farmers in 9 towns of the 2nd district of Camarines Sur will benefit from a livelihood project that will promote food security and increase farmers' income in the rural communities।

Dubbed as "Manokan sa Segundo Distrito kan Camarines Sur," the P250,000।00 project, which is a joint undertaking of the Department of Agriculture under the Ginintuang Masaganang Ani (GMA) Livestock Program and Cam. Sur 2nd district Congressman Luis R. Villafuerte, will be formally launched on March 6, 2009 at the Cam. Sur State Agricultural College (CSSAC), this municipality.

According to Dr। Edgar Madrid, (OIC) regional technical director for research and development of DA, the funding of the project will be sourced-out from DA's Bicol Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Efforts (BCARE), P90,000.00 and from Cong. Villafuerte's Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), P160,000.00.

Madrid said that under the "Manokan" project 2,000 heads of sasso chicken will be distributed to 200 families in 20 barangays: Bombon, Calabanga, Canaman, Magarao, Ocampo, Pili, Gainza, Milaor, and Camaligan। Each recipient family will be given 10 heads of Sasso।

Expected to grace the launching of the project and distribution of the sasso chickens are: Cong। Villafuerte, DA Bicol Regional Executive Director Jose V। Dayao, RTD Madrid, CSSAC President Marito Bernales, the 9 municipal mayors and the farmer-beneficiaries.(DA V/PIA)


CAMARINES NORTE Province — The Provincial Agriculture Office here continues to support farmers in this province thru distribution of certified palay seeds for free।

Provincial Agriculturist Francia Pajares said that they have already started to distribute the additional 1,250 bags of palay certified seeds to the qualified farmers in the province.
She said that they have already distributed last November some 8,384 bags of palay certified seeds to farmers।

The palay certified seeds were provided by the national government through the Department of Agriculture (DA)।

She added that they also distributed some 11,888 pockets of bio-fertilizer for palay, vegetables and pineapple also for free।

Meanwhile, Provincial Manager Eliseo Caliwag of the National Food Authority (NFA) assures public of the availability of rice in their barangay to help avert the rising prices of rice in the markets।

He said that the rice at P18।25 per kilo is available at the Tindahan Natin outlets and parokya in the barangay using access card.

He said that rice at P25।00 and P30.00 (commercial rice) are also available in the authorized retailers outlets in the markets of the province.

Manager Caliwag said that the province has 53,000 bags of palay, 15,000 bags of imported rice and 13,000 bags of local rice।

The NFA continues their milling of the palay bought at P17.00 per kilo at the barangay.
He added that the national government program of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo continues the rice subsidy in order for the public to avail of cheaper rice.(RB Manlangit/PIA Cam. Norte)


TINAMBAC, CAMARINES SUR — About 956 individuals with multi-disabilities trooped to the covered court here for the 2nd General Assembly for Persons with Disability held February 14 this year.

Having a heart for this sector Tinambac Mayor Ruel Velarde set the Valentine’s Day for the Annual General Assembly for Persons with Disability. Dubbed as “Pagkalinga ni Mayor Owie sa mga Taong may K”, the event through Velarde ensures that the PWDs particularly those physically handicapped, will move easily through the provision of wheelchairs and crutches.

“If these persons can move easily through these prosthetic devices, then they have all the reasons to go out, have access to different institutions where they can find opportunities to learn, develop skills, and finally earn for their living,” Velarde beamed with pride.

This activity which is in its 2nd year of implementation, aims to enable persons with disability attain their maximum social and economic development within the level of their mental and physical capability, for them to be able to realize their aspiration and become assets to their families and communities.

Different activities were undertaken like Orientation on Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, Program Orientation on NCWDA and the distribution of food packs, wheelchairs and crutches.
DSWD Bicol regional director Remia T। Tapispisan led the distribution of 56 wheelchairs and 24 crutches. She was assisted by Mr. Mat Lee, the executive director of the National Council for the Welfare of Disability Affairs (NCWDA), Mayor Ruel Velarde and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Tinambac.

In her message, Tapispisan expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the local government unit for having a heart for the PWDs। She mentioned that this sector is given least attention. She bared that this activity is a joint effort of the LGU of Tinambac, the NCWDA and the DSWD to gain public appreciation and support for the cause of the PWDs.(EEJerusalem, DSWD/PIA)


NAGA CITY – The government’s Social-Integration Program (SIP) for former rebels has distributed last February 12 cash assistance to 35 beneficiaries P20,000 each or a total of P700,000 as immediate cash assistance।

Atty। Reuben Lingating, SIP program manager, who represented Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Avelino I। Razon Jr।, said the cash grant will enable the former rebels to have their own livelihood that would generate income for their families and make them productive citizens again.

Lingating led the awarding ceremony held in the Camarines Sur State Agricultural College। Also in attendance were Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Sodusta; Chief Supt Cecilio B. Calleja Jr. representing Chief Supt Paterno P. Bangui; Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Regional Director Blandino M. Maceda representing Camarines Sur Gov. Luis Raymond F. Villafuerte, Fred Perdon representing Asec. Chito Monzon of the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Bicol and SIP Action Officer for Regions IV and V Charleston Tan.

The former rebels, 30 men and five women, came from Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, Albay, Masbate, and Sorsogon.

They have undergone four-day orientation during which a seminar-workshop was conducted to brief them on other opportunities such as livelihood, employment, training, and education assistance.

Aside from the P20,000 cash, the SIP will also give each rebel returnee capital assistance of P50,000 in the form of farm implements, working animals, and sari-sari store goods.

Likewise, access to basic social services and payment for surrendered firearms, explosives, and ammunition will be provided under the program.

A rebel returnee who surrenders an M-16 or M-14 rifle, for example, will receive P50,000.

A scheme by which the former rebels and their dependents are provided a set of interventions to facilitate their integration into the mainstream of society, the SIP is guided by the principle of convergence and cooperation among local government units (LGUs), government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the community.

OPAPP’s partners in the multi-sectoral program include the Department of Education (DepEd), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), National Food Authority (NFA), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Science and Technology (DoST), Department of Health (DoH), Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), DILG and PIA.(OPPAP Release/PIA)


LEGAZPI CITY — The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will conduct nationwide job fairs in support of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s desire to provide gainful employment to Filipinos through investment in infrastructure programs.

Dubbed “Programang Pangtrabaho ni Pangulong Gloria”, DPWH Bicol will launch its job fair at its regional office compound in Rawis, here on Monday, February 23, 1009. This affair is in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE); the National Constructors Association of the Philippines (NACAP); and the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc. (PCA).

“Acting as ‘Matching Conduit’, our office will receive applications for employment from prospective workers then we will match the workers’ capability and their preference as to work destination with the available infrastructure project,” said DPWH Bicol regional director Orlando Roces. “:When these are all satisfied, we will make recommendation for their placement to contractors undertaking projects for our office,” the director added.

“Jobs for screening are for civil engineers and construction workers such as foreman, heavy equipment operators, steel man, etc.” said Dra. Flor Azotea, chief, Administrative Officer of the said office. “Applicants must bring with them their latest pictures, barangays or police clearance and other credentials to be attached to the registration form that will be provided by our office, free of charge,” she further explained.(LVCastañeda, DPWH/PIA)


CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, PILI, Cam. Sur — A group of rebels conducting a meeting with some civilians in Barangay Balanac, Ligao City were encountered by the 2nd Infantry Battalion led by 2Lt Tancio of the Philippine Army, Wednesday, February 18 this year.

9th Infantry Division PIO Maj. Christopher Morales narrated “the rebels, caught by surprise by the patrolling military operatives, scampered and withdrew in different directions to evade the approaching government troops.”

“They were firing indiscriminately as they fled and two civilians were hit and wounded during the ensuing gunfire. The victims were later brought to the nearest hospital by barangays officials assisted by government troops,” he added.

Follow-on operations were conducted to track down the fleeing enemy. There is no reported casualty from the government forces.

In a statement, Morales said that the involvement of civilian casualties in this encounter is a blatant disregard for human rights by the rebel group.

“This is not the first time that civilians were drawn between the corssfires of the government and its enemies, and unfortunately, this may not be the last. Our enemies obviously have very low regard for other people’s lives and welfare,” remarked Morales.

Furthermore, he asserted in a message addressed to residents in rural areas frequented nby these communist terrorist groups that they should be wary and cautious in dealing with the renegades in order to avoid untoward incidents like what happened in Barangay Balanac.(PA Release/PIA)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


LEGAZPI CITY — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) Philippine Ozone Desk (POD) organized the Regional Ozone Network (O-Net) in Bicol last February 6, 2009.

EMB Bicol regional director Gilbert C. Gonzales pointed out that this multi-stakeholders networking on information dissemination campaign on the preservation of the ozone layer would speed up the government’s efforts to meet the National Chlorofluorocarbon Phase-out Plan (NCPP).

He encouraged the members of the O-Net to formulate initiatives/advocacies on raising the public’s awareness on the protection of the ozone layer. He added that the re-echoing of such environmental information would compliment on the government’s NCPP program that targets to phase-out CFC by year 2010 and Methyl Bromide by 2015.

Topics like Ozone Science, the Montreal Protocol, present ODS Laws and Programs in the Philippines, ODS Communication Strategy & Regional Ozone-Network, National and Regional IEC Accomplishment of the POD and Planning of the Local Awareness Program for CY 2009 were discussed by Dr. Eva S. Ocfemia, chief, Pollution Control Division and technical staff from the POD.

Members of the O-Net were also required to draft their Local Awareness Plan (LAP) for the CY 2009 and implement preferred programs.

O-Net was formerly known as the Regional Information Center and Network (RICN).


DAET, CAMARINES NORTE — Italian kite boarder Andrea Grandolfo won the recently concluded First Daet International Kite Boarding Competition held in Bagasbas Beach, here on February 5-8, 2009।

Grandolfo bagged the grand prize of Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000) plus trophy of the Bordercross Competition. The race started in Vinzons, Camarines Norte and passed the border of Talisay and ended in Bagasbas Beach. Next to him are Ken Nacor of the Philippines and Frederick Soupast of Belgium.

The First Daet International Kite Boarding Competition also featured the Freestyle Competition. Winners under male category are: First - Ken Nacor of the Philippines, second - Taner Aykurt of Turkey and third - Duque delos Santos of the Philippines. Under female category are: First - Anna Simlund of Sweden, second - Kathrin Borgwardt of Germany and Lorena Neumann of Spain.

The event was attended by foreign and local tourists from Belgium, USA, Alaska, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Astonia, and the Philippines. They commended the great support of the local government unit of Daet thru Mayor Tito S. Sarion to the event as well as Mr. Mike Gambriel for inviting and organizing the competition. They now consider Bagasbas Beach as the new kite boarding haven in the Philippines and show their willingness to come back by the end of the year for another competition.

Last quarter of 2007, an American and German national set up a kite boarding school in Bagasbas Beach after they have discovered the potential of the area as kite surfing destination. Because of the advanced technology, he featured Bagasbas Beach in his website as an alternative site for the extreme sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Bagasbas Beach is now considered as a good location for water sports adventure. Friendly waves that usually an all-year found is an ideal site for those who want to learn wave surfing. The beach has been listed as one of the ten best surfing destinations in the Philippines. It has long and wide expanse of fine gray sand and the break’s sandy bottom and generally uncrowded lineups combine to make a comfortable session for surfers of any level. During windy season from October-March, kite surfers can go island hopping on the nearby towns of Basud, Vinzons, Talisay and Mercedes using only kite boards।

Organizers of the event are: the Local Government Unit of Daet with the support of Bagasbas Beach Development Council, ABS-CBN Regional Network Group (Bicol), Mikes-Kites Kite Surfing School and Camarines Norte Pineapple Festival Development Foundation Incorporated.


DAET, CAMARINES NORTE — A weeklong activity was lined-up in connection with the National Awareness Week against Child Abuse from February 8-14 here with the theme “Pang-aabusong Sekswal sa Kabataan, Sugpuin; Sama-samang Proteksiyon Palakasin.

The activity was sponsored by the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA) supported by the Provincial Multi-Disciplinary Team, the Provincial Government and the Department of Education (DepEd).

Mr. Conrado A. Rempillo, Education Supervisor I of the DepEd-Division of Camarines Norte and Provincial Multi-Disciplinary Team coordinator said that the advocacy was started last February 8 focusing on the Personal Safety Advocacy for Child Protection Against Sexual Abuse.

Several activities were conducted last February 10 which included the extemporaneous speaking, essay writing contest, poster-making contest and slogan writing contest participated in by high school students from the different public and private schools.

A radio interview last February 11 was conducted at the DWCN-FM Radyo ng Bayan with Conrado Rempillo of DepEd and Provincial Government CAO Purita P. Briñas, also a member of the Provincial Multi-Disciplinary Team.

A motorcade and parade was conducted today also as one of the activities participated in by the students of the public secondary schools headed by teachers of the Personal Safety Lessons and the Philippine National Police (PNP). (RBManlangit, PIA Camarines Norte)


SORSOGON CITY — The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), here sponsored a blood donation drive dubbed as “Dugo Ko, Buhay Mo” on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at the Sorsogon City Fire Station grounds in Burgos St., Talisay. This is being spearheaded by the lady firefighters of Sorsogon City Fire Station through its Gender Awareness Development (GAD) program.

City Fire Marshal CInsp Renato Badong Marcial supports his worthwhile endeavor which aims to promote volunteerism and social responsibility amongst SCFS personnel.

“This is also one way of serving the community not only because it is our duty being in the fire services but also as individuals who have benevolence in helping our brothers and sisters who need blood. It is a wide known fact that every minute of every day, someone needs blood,” Marcial said.

Persons interested in participating in this noble undertaking may call the Sorsogon City Fire Station at tel. no. 421-6320. (SCFS/PIA)


NAGA CITY — The National Statistics Office (NSO) in Camarines Sur is celebrating Civil Registration Month this February with the theme: “Civil Registration: Key to Global Opportunities”।

OIC Provincial Statistics Officer Clemente S. Manaog said that the month-long celebration opened last February 2, 2009 with a motorcade in the city participated in by selected NSO personnel and the local civil registrars (LCRs) and staff of the 35 municipalities and two cities of the province.

Clemente said it was the “First Camarines Sur Civil Registration Quiz” held at the Regent Hotel, here. The winners were: Emilie Dairao, LCR-Libmanan, as champion; Jesus Caceres, LCR-Tinambac, 1st runner-up; Jocelyn Bagasbas, LCR-Balatan, 2nd runner-up; Gemma Bongulto, LCR-Tigaon, 3rd runner-up; Fe Carisola, LCR-Sagñay, 4th runner-up.

He also said that last February 5-6, NSO in cooperation with the Camarines Sur Civil Registrars Association (CSCRA), headed by its president Muriel Abragan, LCR-San Jose conducted an Assessment and Planning on Barangay Civil Registration System (BCRS) implementation held in the same venue. About 300 barangay secretaries attended the activity.

A second round of this activity is scheduled on February 23-24, 2009 to accommodate the rest of the barangay secretaries and some barangay chairpersons as well. The NSO aims to implement the BCRS in at least 300 barangays in the province by June 2009.
Another activity that NSO Camarines Sur will pursue for the Civol Registration Month celebration is the revival of the use of Civil Registry Information System (CRIS) in 13 municipalities. The CRIS aims to facilitate data archiving of civil registry documents at the municipal level Data gathered through CRIS are especially useful for local development planning at the local government units. (DAbad, PIA Camarines Sur)


SORSOGON PROVINCE — Some 2,571 voters has been added to the list of Sorsogon province’s new voters in preparation for the forthcoming May 2010 elections.

This figure was revealed by Provincial Election Supervisor Atty. Romeo Fortes following the latest formally recorded statistics of Commission on Elections (Comelec) here, dated January 19, 2009.
According to Fortes, they have opened anew the registration for 2010 elections December last year and they expect more registrants in the coming days.

Comelec’s 4th quarter Provincial Consolidated Progress Report for May 10, 2010 national and local elections bared that the province has now recorded about 375,308 total registered voters, however, 10 per cent of this total number are considered deactivated voters.

It could be noted that the province has recorded a remarkable decrease of about 20 per cent of its voting statistics in 2007 wherein only 282,208 from the total 352,629 voting population have actually voted. Of this voting figure, 80.2 per cent comes from the First District while 80.4 per cent comes from the Second District of Sorsogon.

Fortes, meanwhile, appeals to the public to register, the soonest possible time, adding also that, registered voters who have not yet submitted themselves to the data capturing machine for their biometric registration must also secure for a new registration. “The sooner to register, the better, so as to avoid cramming and overcrowding,” he said.

Furthermore, Fortes said that in order to facilitate easy transaction, he has also requested the national office to regionalize the production of voters I.D. The request, on the other hand, also asks for financial assistance so as to prepare and put into order the voting precincts for possible automated 2010 elections in Sorsogon.

Meanwhile, Comelec here conducts a continuous “cleansing operations” to prevent duplication of registrants which can be used as grounds to cheat this forthcoming elections। (BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon)


Price Situation: Year-on-Year

The provincial inflation rate (IR) of Masbate went up slightly to 10.37% in January 2009. This is 2.63% points higher than posted in December 2008 with 7.74% IR. As compared to 6.05% inflation rate in January 2008, this month’s remarkably higher by 4.32% points.

The current level of the provincial inflation rate could be attributed to the results of the upward trend registered in both heavily –weighted food, beverages and tobacco (FBT) index (12.75% from 1.98%), miscellaneous (5.52% from 1.29%), housing and repairs (3.43% from 0.00%), and clothing (1.79% from 1.87%).

However, it was counteracted by the fuel, light water index (3.07 & from 4.15%).

Price Situation: Month-on-Month

On a month-on-month basis the Consumer’s Price Index (CPI) for all income household in Masbate exhibited at 158.6 in January 2009, slightly higher by 4.1 index points over the December 2008 level of 154.5. This represents a 2.65% change in all-item index.

Across commodity under the FBT index, high rates were noted in the indices of fish (12.42% from –1.86%), cereal and cereal preparations (4.76% from 0.80%), eggs (3.24% from 0.00%), tobacco (1.62% from –0.59%), meat (0.85% from –0.24%), fruits and vegetables (-0.69% from -90.95%) and dairy products (-0.58% from –0.79%).

On the other hand, decrements posted in the indices of beverages (-1.22% from 0.94%), and miscellaneous foods (_1.62% from –0.87), in effect, the over-all rate in the FBT went up to 4.20% in January 2009 from –0.92% registered in December 2008.

As regards the non-food commodity service group, increments were noted in the indices of fuel, light and water due to its continued price rollback (-1.62% from –3.30%), housing and repairs (1.69% from 0.06%), services (-0.24% from –1.28), and clothing (0.43% from 0.07%).

However, low rate was noted in miscellaneous (0.08% from 1.14%).

As a consequence, the over-all rate in this non-food commodity/service group went down to 0।00% in January 2009 from 0।97% in December 2008। This means that prices slightly went down। (NSO/PIA Masbate)


Province of CAMARINES SUR — The National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) management recognized the Outstanding School Paper Advisers and Campus Journalists of the secondary level in a grand ceremony at Camarines Sur National High School Pavilion Tuesday.

This year’s school paper adviser-awardees are Esther Laguidao, ARMM; Juliana Kelly Ignitan, CAR; Annabelle Tumulak, CARAGA; Elnora Raroque, Region I; Maria Luisa Agamod, Region II; Noel Bacani, Region III; Abner Pureza, Region IV-A; Florie Regencia, Region IV-B; Eddie Bausa, Jr., Region V; Darwin Haro, Region VI; Emily Cabusa, Region VII; Cesar Montano, Region VIII; Mary Jane Omandam, Region IX; Salome Violeta, Region X; Francisca Padlan, Region XI; Jonathan de la Peña, Region XII; and Ruben Belarde, Jr., NCR.

The Outstanding Campus Journalists are JC Earl Cariño, ARMM; Antonie Labasan, CAR; Kimberly Sinampaga, CARAGA; Arlene Joy Orencia, N CR; Joy Carmel Sahagun, Region I; Nikolai Thadeus Mappatao, Region II; Melissa Ann Buco, Region III; Hannah Chito, Region IV-A; Justin Jay Lope, Region IV-B; Lorenz Ray Payonga, Region V; Vincent Gregory Yu, Region VI; Elaine Dimayuga, Region VIII; Mark Anthony Cabilo, Region IX; Jocell Sedigo, Region X; Felis Alberca, Region XI; Kristoni Go, Region XX.

Awarding ceremonies for the elementary level, meanwhile, was held on the same day at Naga Central School I, are Shoraida Ampatua, ARMM; Drusilla Ladia, CAR; Amy Uy, CARAGA; Antonio Asuncion, Region I; Myra Z. Candaroma, Region II; Sonny de Guzman, Region III; Edna Soriano, Region IV-A; Adelardo Malaluan, Region IV-B; Vilma Arevalo, Region V; Ed Jalbuena, Region VI; Charlie Abalos, Region VII; Gretl Laura Cadiong, Region VIII; Edgardo Fernandez, Region IX; Noemi Pagayon, Region X; Christy Agudera, Region XI; Alma Segura, Region XII; Bedelia Alvez, NCR.

Outstanding Campus Journalists are Ken Philip Garpao, ARMM; Joanne Liz Ubando, CAR; Imi Liza Espina, CARAGA; Marie Christine Añano, NCR; Franz Naomi, Region I; Kevin John Aliba, Region II; Louisa Aya Trinidad, Region III; Sherald Agustin, Region IV-A; Dwight Angelo de Leon, Region IV-B; Mary Philline Descalzo, Region V; Krizia Marie Queque, Region VI; Christian Dominic Yap, Region VII; Ninna Joyce Delantor, Region VIII; Dreamer Jay Lamberte, Region IX; Rachel Tagolimot, Region X; Julienne Marie Batingal, Region XI; Christine Rendon, Region XII। (DepEd/PIA)


SORSOGON CITY — Sorsogon operatives report a successful welcome of the 2009 in their campaign against illegal drugs in the province following the apprehension of suspected five illegal drug pushers from January 13 to February 5.

Arrested on January 13 at around 7:30 p.m. were Benedict Barredo y Carpio, Dax Detera Jetomo and Jake Ocampo y Flestado at Brgy. Bibincahan, Sorsogon City with 5.131 grams of Marijuana and P100 marked money.

On February 5 at about 4:30 p.m. two other suspected pushers identified at Zone 2, Bulan, Sorsogon identified as Albert Deri y Venus, 36 and Ruel Zuñiga, 34, residents of Zone 2 and Zone 4, Bulan town respectively.

Confiscated from them were 5 pieces of plastic heat sealed containing shabu, 2 pieces P500 and 4 pieces P1,000 bills marked money.

Deri and Zuñiga’s case of violating RA 9165 is now filed in court.

The success of the arrest can be attributed to the active role and cooperation of PDEA, PIS, Sorsogon City Police Station, Bulan MPS and 508th PPMG. (PIA Sorsogon Release)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


LEGAZPI CITY (16 Feb) — DENR Bicol has been closely monitoring at least seventeen areas identified as illegal logging ‘hot spots’ in three provinces in the region as part of the intensified campaign to protect the country’s environment and natural resources।

Echoing DENR Secretary Lito Atienza’s warning, Bicol regional executive director Joselin Marcus Fragada earlier told DENR field officials that they are accountable for whatever environmental violations that may happen in their respective area of jurisdiction।

Fragada also admonished the officials on the ’one-strike’ policy of the agency on elaborating that only one verified report of any environmental violation such as illegal logging or illegal mining happening in their respective areas is enough ground for the officials’ suspension।

Identified ’hot spots’ include Barangays STa। Barbara, San Pedro and San Martin in Jose Panganiban; Colasi, Tarum and Pambuhan in Mercedes, Camarines Norte; Bicol National Park particularly Sitio Nalisan, Tuaca, Basud town in Camarines Norte; Sitio Weber, Malaya, Iriga and Saragawsaw in Barangay Sooc, and Sitios Curamusan and Castilla in Barangay Napolidan, all in Lupi, Camarines Sur.

In Rinconada District, the illegal logging ‘hot spots’ are the timber land in Bula located in Barangay Inoyonan, San Francisco, Itnagon, Bagolagio, Panoypoyan, Casugad, La Victoria and Taisan; Forest Reserve of Balatan located in Barangays Cabanbanan, Mapulang Daga, Maqiron and Camangahan; private lands in Bato situated in Barangays Manga, Lubong, Payak and Cristo Rey; and timber land of Iriga City located in Barangays Sagradam STa। Teresita, Antipolo, and areas surrounding Mt. Asog.

In Catanduanes, the ‘hot spots’ are Sitio Kilometer 80, San Miguel, Panganiban; Sitios Kilometer 13, Carbun, San Miguel, Panganiban; Minaile, Bagamanoc; Tubli, Caramoran; Minabobo, Caramoran; Dugui-Too, Dugui-Wala, Virac; and Paraiso, San Miguel town.
Secretary Atienza has declared 2009 as Law Enforcement Year, saying that “for the rest of the year, we will give more dedication and seriousness in effort to protect the environment, including the land, air, water and forests, against environmental violators whom we will pursue guided by our environmental laws।”

“I will ensure that the full force of the law will be meted out against anyone who will violate the environmental laws because the certainty of punishment is the best deterrent to the commission of a crime,” Atienza सैद।

The DENR chief, however, said that due recognition will also be accorded to DENR officials who properly apply the full force of the law in their respective areas। “Kung mayrong parurusahan ay mayroon ding bibigyan ng parangal,” Atienza said। ]

I am confident that year 2009 can make the difference। Aside from the fact that we have 42 environmental laws that give us more teeth in our fight against environmental violators, the judiciary is also taking a more active role in protecting nature and the country’s environment,” Atienza said। (ASAraya, DENR/PIA)


LEGAZPI CITY (16 Feb) — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) is optimistic on the new law on environmental protection that will integrate environmental education in curricula at all levels।

EMB regional director Gilbert C। Gonzales stressed that the inclusion of environmental education in curricula at all levels will boost and further deepens the environmental awareness of the Filipino children with the signing of Republic Act 9512 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

He noted that the department has since the 1990’s been engaged in urging schools to incorporate environment-related subjects and activities in the country’s educational system।

The Bureau believes that this environmental law would best suit the growing governmental campaign on climate change mitigation and adaptation aside from the fact that a whole new generation of empowered and environmentally-sound Filipinos would emerge to combat and after solutions to surfacing threats to the ecosystem।

“EMB V and stakeholders are continuously implementing a comprehensive IEC campaign to students to fully understand the need for caring the environment as well as support the government’s advocacies and initiatives,” he added. (EMB/PIA release)


Province of CAMARINES SUR (16 Feb) — Consistent with the SONA commitment of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on infrastructure programs and development, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Camarines Sur 4th Engineering District has intensified efforts on opening new roads that would spur progress in the locality।

“Just recently, we have completed the road opening of Camarines Sur-Albay Diversion Road,” said Eng’r। Nestor Gomabao, OIC-Assistant District Engineer of the said district during a broadcast interview.

“Last year, we have also finished the opening of Buhi-Malinao Road or the proposed Gov। Felix O. Alfelor, Sr. Highway,” he added.

This 34।76-kms। road forms part of the 66 kms road network that cuts across three congressional districts and connects the provinces of Camarines Sur (2nd and 4th districts) and Albay (1st district).

The entire road network starts at Hanawan, Ocampo, Camarines Sur passing through barangays Burokbusoc and Sagrada, all of Buhi, Camarines Sur up to the municipality of Malinao in Albay.
The new road will provide an alternate route of Maharlika Highway going to the port City of Tabaco, Albay and will open a new gateway to the island province of Catanduanes further integrating it into the mainstream of development।

“This road will definitely help prolong the preservation of the existing main thoroughfares and will also shorten travel time to and from Manila by more than 30 minutes,” said DPWH Bicol regional director Orlando Roces during one of his random visits in DPWH project sites. (LVCastañeda, DPWH/PIA)


LEGAZPI CITY (16 Feb) — The Road Board Team headed by Eng’r। Vicente Tuazon, Jr. had recently conducted a series of inspection on projects funded by Motor Vehicle Users’ Tax (MVUC) in the 2nd Congressional District of Albay.

It will be recalled that on February 15 to 22 last year, incessant rainfall was experienced in Bicol Region that damaged infrastructure facilities particularly on areas that are prone to flooding and landslides। Legazpi-Manito-Punta de Jesus road in Manito, Albay was not spared from this catastrophe. Huge soil erosion occurred leaving large chunks of damages on the road pavement and on the slope protection, further resulting to road closure for more than a week.

This prompted Eng’r। Arnold Matamorosa, head of Albay 2nd Congressional District Task Force, through the instruction of DPWH Bicol regional director Orlando B. Roces to request funding from MVUC. Congressman Al Francis Bichara favorably endorsed said request.

The necessary funding requirement was allocated by MVUC for the repair of eroded slope protection, re-blocking of damaged concrete pavement and removal of eroded soil from affected road sections।

“Roadside vegetation are well maintained and the carriageway are in good condition,” commented Eng’r. Tuazon. He, however, recommended the procurement of additional guardrails and thermoplastic signs for installation at the stretch of Legazpi-Manito-Punta de Jesus Road. (LVCatañeda, DPWH/PIA)


SORSOGON Province (16 Feb) — For public servants to better understand the rationalization program implemented by the government, Mr। Roy Tobias Mata, Director II of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Sorsogon Field Office, underscored important details regarding the said program.

According to Mata, Executive Order No। 366 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2004, compelled the executive department to implement strategic observation on its operation and organization and establish incentive choices for government employees who will get affected by the rationalization of functions and rationalization of different agencies under the government executive department.

The EO directs agencies to prepare a rationalization plan to positions that are redundant or outdated or no longer relevant to the accomplishment of the major final outputs of the particular agency। “Through this system, it is expected that government services will be enhanced,” he said.

Mata added that services rendered by policemen, teachers, health workers and of the local government units are excluded in the directive।
In this province, government agencies that have already implemented the rationalization program were the Office of the Civil Service Commission, Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)।

Mata further stressed that employees with CSC appointment whether temporary or permanent who would opt to remain in government service shall be placed in other agencies by the CSC where additional personnel are required, whereas, personnel who would opt to retire or be separated from the service shall be given the option to avail of retirement schemes or generous separation package।

“But for the meantime, those affected by the reorganization will stay with CSC until they are reassigned to their new posts,” he said।

Meanwhile, some public servants here said that they support this initiative, however, they want also to be assured of the government’s separation and other benefit packages due to them.
“Now that we are facing and dealing with global economic slow down, it would also be better for the government to review its continuous implementation of the rationalization program and not to partake in a nationwide lay-off,” they added. (HAFormento, PIA Sorsogon release)


LEGAZPI CITY (16 Feb) — The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office V, will be spearheading a Regional Consultative Conference on February 19, 2009 at the Divine Word College of Legazpi Audio Visual Room। The conference will be participated in by the different presidents of higher education institutions (HEIs) and has the theme “The Roadmap to New Philippine Education Highway”.

CHED Executive Director Atty। Julito D. Vitriolo, Chairman Emmanuel Y. Angeles, Commissioner Nenalyn Defensor will also be coming to support the activity.

The activity aims to intensify the three main concerns of education which are consultation, orientation, and discussion of the conference theme।

“Angeles will stress the Rationalization of the Regional Association of Higher Education Institutions (RAHEIs)। On the other hand, an organizational meeting of RAHEIs and election of officers for academic year 2009-2011 as well as briefing of the Regional and National HEIs of the Academic and Cultural Activities Schedule Faculty Development headed by Dr. Ricardo O. Pama, president of Angeles University Foundation will follow.

It will also include the election of new set of officers of Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) to be presided by the incumbent president of the Association of Colleges and Universities Atty। Gonzalo T. Duque and another organizational meeting of State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association.

Organizers expect a hundred per cent participation of all HEI presidents. (HBBinaya, BUCAL/PIA)


LEGAZPI CITY – The Department of Health (DOH) Center for Health Development (CHD) has launched its ‘Healthy Lifestyle to the Max’ program which is in partnership with various government and non-government agencies.

The launching held Monday morning at the Peñaranda Park here has showcased a slew of events to drum beat healthy practices in all walks of life.

Rose Olarte Orbita, chairperson of the Smoke-Free Committee based (one of the main partners of the project) here has expressed elation over this development as the program includes ways on smoking prevention among the youths and the elderly who want to quit smoking.

A Lakad Para sa Salud (Walk for Health) was participated by thousands of students, office workers, volunteers, policemen, paramedics, firemen and public officials to acknowledge the invited guests from the DOH central office.

A blood sugar screening and Electro Cardiograph (ECG) was conducted for free courtesy of Servier Philippines on a first come first served basis.

To heighten the awareness of the public, posting of ‘no smoking’ stickers to jeepneys was conducted at the middle of the event.

Various lectures on risk assessments messages, ceremonial toasts, slogan making contest and games were among the activities that capped the occasion.Governor Joey Sarte Salceda expressed his support to the Healthy Lifestyle program.(Rey M. Nasol)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle exercise has been performed by personnel of various government agencies and local government units in Bicol region, in the grand launching of the HL to the Max campaign by the Department of Health। The campaign will be revitalized and repacked to focus on the prevention of risk factors, held at the Peñaranda Park in Albay District, Legazpi City, last February 16। (Photo by Alex Cal/PIA)

Friday, February 13, 2009

RDC FULL COUNCIL MEETING --Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda (center, top photo), presides over the Regional Development Full Council meeting held at NEDA RO 5 in Arimbay, Legazpi City last February 4, discussion during the meeting focused mainly on the Annual Investment Programs CY-2010 for the economic development of Bicol region. Lower photo shows the media conference following after the meeting. (Alex Cal/PIA-V)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has extended the life of an inter-agency committee handling the government’s relief and rehabilitation initiatives in typhoon-hit areas in Bicol until June 2010.

The President issued Executive Order No। 779, amending EO 634, citing that the Bicol Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Effort Committee (B CARE C) needs more time to complete its mandate after enduring “some setbacks causing inevitable spillover until 2009-2010.

It can be recalled that President Arroyo issued EO. 634 on July 3, 2007 creating the B CARE C and providing its operations for two years.

The committee was tasked to integrate relief, rehabilitation, resettlement, recovery, livelihood, and development efforts in different areas of Bicol, particularly those affected by typhoons “Caloy,” “Milenyo,” and “Reming।”

“The B CARE C shall exercise its powers and functions until June 30, 2010 unless otherwise directed by the President of the Philippines,” EO 779 stated. The order, signed by the President last January 21, took effect immediately.

The committee replaced the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) as the clearing house for all fund requests for calamity victims to ensure judicious spending and close monitoring of projects।

It is headed by the chairman of the NDCC. Its members include the secretaries of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Department of Education (DepEd), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the chairman of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), the administrator of the National Electrification Administration (NEA), the general manager of the National Housing Authority (NHA), and the chairman of the Region V Development Council।

The President authorized the group to work with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on hazard mapping for the Bicol region, to coordinate with the Bicol River Basin and Watershed Management Office on common or overlapping project activities, to recommend courses of action to improve rehabilitation and reconstruction works in typhoon-affected areas in Bicol, and coordinate with national and local officials and non-government organizations in rehabilitation efforts. (PIA 5 Release)


LEGAZPI CITY — The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region V with RD Tomas B. Briñas awarded six Bicolano young achievers in Science last February 6, 2009, took place at the DOST Regional Office here.

Conferred with Youth Excellence (YES) awards were Rene Caesar Operio, Marcial O। Rañola Memorial School (International Mathematics Competition/Singapore-Silver); Danica Mae Berunio, Blessed Light International Christian Academy (International Mathematics Competition/Singapore-Bronze); Yvonne Carle N. Molina, Blessed Light International Christian Academy (2008 China Primary Math Olympiad/Yichang, China-Bronze); Julie Khristin Panganiban, Tabaco National High School (International Mathematics Competition/Singapore-Bronze); Tatyana Marie U. Gonzaga, Universidad de Sta. Isabel (2008 China Primary Math Olympiad/Yichang, China-Bronze); and Aeron Jason Virata, Aquinas University Science High School (2008 Rio TINTO Big Science Competition-Perfect Score).

DOST Bicol regional director Tomas Briñas said the Youth Excellence in Science (YES)
Awards give due recognition to young Filipino students who excelled in DOST-Science Education Institute (SEI) recognized international science and match competitions as gold, silver and bronze medalists/winners.

“DOST through the (SEI) implements the YES awards program annually to motivate and inspire the youth to strive for excellence in the field of science and mathematics,” he added.

The Bicolano youth awardees bestowed with the recognition, according to the Briñas, are considered to be of value to DOST’s quest for excellence and shall be included in the roster of honorable young men and women in Science.

“As such, awardees must demonstrate and exemplify integrity and honesty and practice core scientific values as models to the Filipino youth,” he stressed. (POLucena, DOST/PIA)


Province of CAMARINES NORTE — The provincial government here received a Certificate of Achievement for placing second among the second class provinces in the country in terms of revenue generation from locally sourced income in 2006,
The provincial government was cited by the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) in its publication of statement of income and expenditure of the local governments.
Camarines Norte Gov. Jesus O. Typoco, Jr. meanwhile said that the province is now less dependent on the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) compared to other provinces in the Bicol region.
He said that the “Certificate of Achievement” is in recognition of the province’s outstanding accomplishment in revenue generation from locally sourced income since 2006.

Typoco noted the increase in the local government income is attributed to the intensified tax collection campaigns being undertaken by the local governments and the growing economic activities in the province.

The Provincial Treasurer Office and Provincial Assessor Office also received their respective Certificate of Achievement during the 1st Quarter Conference of the Regional Association of Treasurers and Assessors (REGATA) last February in Sorsogon City. (RBManlangit, PIA Camarines Norte


Province of SORSOGON — Four local government units (LGUs) in this province were nominated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) provincial office here to the 2009 Philippine Wetlands Conservation Awards.
Invitation were sent by the DENR-PENRO chief Oscar Dominguez to Sorsogon City mayor Leovic Dioneda, mayors Benito Doma, Helen Rose de Castro and Olivia M. Bermillo of Prieto Diaz, Bulan and Castilla towns, respectively.

Dominguez said LGUs were invited to the said nominations due to its exemplary contributions in the wise use of their wetlands.

Wetlands, as defined during the Ramsar Convention, refer to areas of marsh, peatland or water, whether natural or artificial., permanent or temporary, with water that is static, flowing, fresh, brackish or salty, including areas of marine, which depth at low tide does not exceed six meters.

Included in the criteria, he said, were the significant contributions of LGUs in wetland conservation, education and public awareness, conservation policies, community empowerment, wise use and/or restoration and rehabilitation of their respective wetlands.

“It is also a must that nominated LGUs have sustainable wetland activities, provide conservation linkages and partnership and must have clearly demonstrated efforts toward Integrated Coastal Management,” he said.

Dominguez further said that the Philippine Wetlands Conservation Awards is part of World Wetlands celebration this year, wherein, World Wetlands will give Incentive Awards in recognition of the significant contributions not only of the local government units but also of individuals and people’s organizations on the wise use of the country’s wetlands.

Nominations or entries are to be submitted directly to DENR-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau until February 28, 2009.

Awarding of winners is scheduled in May 2009 during the Biodiversity Day and Ocean Month celebration।

prizes per category for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for individual category is P25,000 and plaque of recognition, P50,000 and plaque of recognition for PO or local NGO category and P50,000 and plaque of recognition for the LGU category.

Meanwhile, the World Wet Land Day was celebrated on February 2 with this year’s theme “Upstream-Downstream: Wetland Connects Us All,” which focuses on the impact of river basins, its interconnections with its immediate environment, how wetlands benefit from it and how the activities of people throughout the river basins may affect their wetland. (BARecebidoPIA Sorsogon)


Province of SORSOGON — The celebration of the 18th PNP Anniversary of the Police Regional Office 5 at Camp General Simeon Ola has been very triumphant and gratifying to all the PNP personnel of the whole region especially those of Sorsogon PPO.

Provincial Director PSSupt. Henry Salvo Rañola, Jr. led the entire command of Sorsogon PPO in accepting the major awards during the said ceremony.

In the entire Bicol region, Sorsogon PPO garnered the Best PPO title, 508th PPMG, as the Best PPMTG and Sorsogon CPS as the Best City Police Station for Calendar Year 2008.
Present during the said occasion, other than PSSupt Rañola, Jr. was the Group Director of 508th PPMG, PC1 Rogelio A. Beraquit and the Chief of Police of Sorsogon CPS, PSupt Florendo A. Abay. In attendance also was the Governor herself, Hon. Governor Sally A. Lee and the City Mayor of Sorsogon City, Hon. Leovic R. Dioneda. Both local chief executives were beaming with pride as PSSupt Rañola and PSupt Abay received the respective plaque of recognition for Sorsogon PPO and Sorsogon CPS.

The occasion was graced with the presence of the Chief PNP, Police Director General Jesus A. Versoza as the Guest of Honor and Speaker who specifically mentioned in his speech the exemplary performance of Sorsogon PPO in administrative and police operations which guided the way in its being the top recipient of three major awards.
The entire Sorsogon PPO is extremely grateful and wishes to convey its sincere thanks to all Sorsogueños for this totally rewarding experience.

As PSSupt Rañola eloquently express, “Sa nagdaang taon, ang buong Sorsogon PPO ay dumanas ng di matatawarang pagsasakripisyo at pagod sa ngalan ng pagbibigay ng tunay na kahulugan ng serbisyo. Subalit ang lahat ng hirap na aming dinanas ay di naming malalampasan kung wala ang suporta at kooperasyon ng mga mamamayan ng Sorsogon.”
“Sa muli, ang taos puso po naming pasasalamat at asahan po ninyo na sa taong ito mas lalo po naming pagbuguthihin at pagiibayuhin ang paglilingkod sainyo, because we your Mamang Pulis are sworn to lead, to be led, to serve and to protect,” he related.
A firm salute and heartfelt congratulations to the entire Sorsogon Police Provincial Office for a job well done! (PPO Sorsogon Release)


The adaptable clay can restrict the mess that the dreaded “Red Tide” inflicts when it’s in deadly cycle। These tiny monsters are blooms of certain marine organisms in coastal waters like the dinoflagellate Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum, which can “intoxify” mussels that filter them from the water.

Dr। Rhodora Azanza and a group of researchers at the University of the Philippines’ Marine Science Institute have tested a technique developed by South Korean counterparts using a ball of clay to control pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum in the laboratory. They found that at 0.5 gram of clay per liter of water, the population of the organism suspended in the water went down from 95 per cent to 51 per cent.

In South Korea, researchers at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute previously found that application of 8 grams of clay per liter of water in red tide-stricken waters effectively reduces by 80 per cent the populations of the dinoflagellate Cochlodinium Yolykrikoides. This type of red tide can cause fish kills at high densities, PCAMRD reported.

The clay particles flocculate or band the suspended organisms together in the water and settle them at the sea bottom where it becomes inactive. No significant negative effects on water quality and marine life have been reported.

Since 1983, Red Tide episodes have occurred in the country in Maqueda Bay, Samar. The Bureau of fisheries and Aquatic Resource, an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture (DA), monitors the deadly blooms in 27 sites.

When consumed, red tide can led to death. So far, no mitigating measures have been put into operation in the past, the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology has noted. (S&T Media Service)