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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1,657 workers who undergo TESDA programs were employed in Camarines Norte


DAET, Camarines Norte, July 30 (PIA) – Some 1,657 locales who trained under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) are already either hired or self-employed based on the results of the impact assessment survey conducted by the TESDA in 2012 and early part of 2013.

TESDA Senior Specialist Flora Raña said the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) which was cited as one of the accomplishments during State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno Aquino III last July 28, has contributed much providing source of living to these locale-beneficiaries of the program.

Raña said that some 3,775 were trained last year by the TESDA through school based training, community based training and at their Training Center.

"Of the 3,664 “competency assessment” recorded last year, 2,835 have passed and were given National Certificate and will have the chance to be employed here and abroad," she said.

Meanwhile in 2012 there were 100 workers trained under Specialista Technopreneurship Program and were given an individual starter kit for free after the training.

Those who have received starter kits were massage therapists, hair dressers, welders, electricians, masons, plumbers and carpenters.

She said that aside from the TWSP they also offer Private Education Financial Assistance (PESFA) wherein this year they have 508 and 283 scholars, respectively.

TWSP beneficiaries are 18 years and above who are college level or college graduates and who are unemployed and wanted to have skills in order to have more job opportunities. The PESFA qualified beneficiaries are 15 years and above who are high school graduates whose family income is below P120,000 per year.

She said that among the priority sectors for the scholarships in this province are technical vocational in line with electronics, fishery, tourism and construction.

She said there were 22 accredited training schools in this province wherein the TESDA pays for the training cost and pre-assessment of qualified student beneficiaries. (MAL/RBM-PIA5/CamNorte)

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PNoy SONA highlights Albay’s zero casualty goal, Albayanos all praises for Salceda


LEGAZPI CITY, July 30 (PIA) – President Benigno Aquino III commended in his SONA last Monday the province of Albay for attaining zero casualty goal in the wake of the wrath of recent typhoon Glenda citing in particular the good governance of Governor Joey Salceda.

 “In Albay, which recently had to endure the wrath of Typhoon Glenda, there were no recorded casualties attributed to the storm, thanks to the effective leadership of Governor Joey Salceda,” the President said.

“And if a province that is considered a highway for storms can achieve this, is there any doubt that any and all other LGUs can achieve the same,” he added after drawing cheers from the crowd.

Proud Albayanos are in turn also all praises for the governor who is also personally present at the Sandiganbayan to witness the event.

April Echimane, a Filipino residing in Thailand posted “So proud to be an Albayano. You are indeed a great blessing to us Gov! Thank you for keeping your people well equipped and safe in times of disaster. Congratulations po! God bless you Sir and God bless Albay.”

Myrna Morales, Salceda’s fellow resident of Polangui, said “Proud to be Albayano much more being a Polanguenio where the governor came from. Keep up the good work; we're very proud of you.”

“I salute the governor for job well done in Albay. I hope those succeeding the position will maintain your zero casualty project. I guess you formed a well suited team on your belt thus the success of your projects with your knowledge and your team’s swift actions in sync with your objectives, app developer Jvc Evangelista said.

Hundreds of netizens likewise expressed their elation most of which are praises for the governor.

“Be proud gov, you worked very very hard for it! No sleep, no peace of mind, no rest, just to make sure Albay is safe,” Jonah Manzanilla commented.

“You countlessly make us proud, I always want to be an Albayano,” Rome Candaza added.

“You deserve that recognition. And I'm sure the whole province of Albay is more motivated  to continue that good start in good governance,” Joanna Enano posted.

“It’s time to savor the good compliments and appreciations, that is, after the hard hard work. Congratulations my leader, our leader, now the winner,” commented a certain Manoy Owen.
The province of Albay has been hardly hit by typhoon Glenda but sustained its zero casualty goal.
Albay Gov. Joey Salceda earlier credited the residents themselves for the zero casualty noting that communication and training made them aware of the risks in times of disaster.

“Taking care of themselves has become ordinary, as taking a bath or eating,” Salceda said.

A day before Glenda was expected to arrive, Salceda has ordered pre-emptive evacuation of families in areas threatened by floods, landslides, mudflows and lahar and storm surges.

From these families, Salceda reported a total of 65, 082 families or 320, 784 persons heeding the governor’s call to leave their homes and go to safer grounds with foods given to them before evacuation to ensure food is provided before disaster strikes.

Different government agencies and disaster responders in the province have likewise joined hands to ensure full preparations and immediate response including prepositioning of medicines and vehicles for evacuation, continous monitoring of updates and on stand-by deployment of responders.(MAL/SAA-PIA5/Albay)  
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Popcom to bare symbolic 100 millionth babies in Bicol on Aug 4

LEGAZPI CITY, July 30 (PIA) – The Commission on Population (Popcom) will reveal Monday next week the symbolic 100 millionth babies born around 12:06 in the morning of July 27 in the Bicol region.

The population of the Philippines has been estimated to reach 100 million on July 27 as projected by the Philippine Statistics Authority on 2010.

Part of this event is the Search for the 100 millionth Filipino babies nationwide aimed to mark the country’s projected population.

Popcom Bicol planning officer Jo Chua said seven babies will be chosen to represent six provinces and one city in the region.

"Provinces and cities taking part in the Search for the 100 millionth Pinoy will be given a week period to report the birth of the baby," Chua said.

Qualified for the Search are babies born around12:06 in the morning yesterday at a national or local government licensed health facility run by the government.

The health facility must be observing the Philippine Standard Time to ensure uniformity in the time of birth nationwide and certified by the attending birth attendant or doctor.

Chua said the parents of the baby should be residents of the city or municipality in the province where the health facility is located.

“The baby was born through normal spontaneous delivery. Induced birth or caesarean section will not be accepted,” Chua added.

Philhealth member will be given additional weight in case of a tie.

Likewise, LGU reperesentative or the local chief executive should be present in the health or birthing facility on the date and time of birth of the newborn to account for the new constituent in the locality. (MAL/SAA-PIA5/Albay)

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DOH launches Pilipinas Go4Health promoting healthy lifestyle

LEGAZPI CITY, July 30 (PIA) -- The Department of Health (DOH) regional office here will launch tomorrow, July 31, the Pilipinas Go4Health in this city joining the nationwide kick off of the movement pursuing healthy lifestyle among Filipinos of all walks of life and all ages.

DOH BIcol regional Director Gloria Balboa said the Pilipinas Go4Health is the nationwide healthy lifestyle movement that intends to step up to information campaign and encourage Filipinos to practice and pursue a healthy lifestyle by making a personal commitment to physical activity, proper nutrition, and the prevention or cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Through the movement, according to Balboa, DOH and its partners work together to promote and establish a sustainable environment for healthy living.

The regional director explained that the Pilipinas Go4Health movement believes that every Filipino has the right to a healthy family, community, and country.

"DOH works with different sectors in this endeavor to provide venues for healthy living and make it accessible to as many people as possible," she added.

The movement ultimately hopes to contribute to successful nation and inclusive development by encouraging Filipinos to embrace four key health habits: physical activity, proper nutrition, and the prevention or cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Balboa stressed that one must improve his or her lifestyle to improve health, adding up to a practice of avoiding smoking and alcohol.

"Filipinos must not only focus on diet and but must give more time engaging in physical activitiesm, and this paradigmn shift on healthy living must also meet the individual’s specific needs to keep his or her health up and the body in good shape.

With the adage “health is wealth”, healthy lifestyle is all about making one’s health and well-being a priority.

As many advocates and living witness to this practice, healthy lifestyle is a choice made by an individual, a commitment made for his own good and that of his loved ones.

It can be noted that both the private and public sectors are working on several programs, even investing a lot to which may it be for personal health gains and for ventures, to help Filipinos get a headstart on being healthy and enable them to stay healthy throughout their lives.

The National Nutrition Council (NNC), for its part as the authority in ensuring the nutritional well-being of Filipinos, has recommended everyone to follow the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos for good health and proper nutrition.

Eat a variety of foods everyday.
Breastfeed infants exclusively from birth to six months, and then, give appropriate foods while continuing breastfeeding.
Maintain children’s normal growth through proper diet and monitor their growth regularly.
Consume fish, lean meat, poultry, or dried beans.
Eat more vegetables, fruits, and root crops.
Eat foods cooked in edible/cooking oil daily.
Consume milk, milk products, or other calcium-rich foods such as small fish and dark green leafy vegetables daily.
Use iodized salt, but avoid excessive intake of salty foods.
Eat clean and safe foods.
For a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, exercise regularly, do not smoke, and avoid.

It can be noted since and still thriving that several localities around the country, may it be local government or private sector initiatives, have developed healthy lifestyle programs, including free group exercise classes in public parks and open areas, good nutrition and proper diet, and healthy cooking demonstrations, among others.  (MAL-PIA5/Albay)

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Pagibig assures aid for Glenda victims in Bicol


LEGAZPI CITY, July 28 (PIA) – Processing of calamity loans is ongoing for eligible members of Pag-ibig Fund in the Bicol region residing in provinces declared under state of calamity due to typhoon Glenda.

Maria Luisa Rivero, Pagibig Legazpi Marketing and Sales Division chief, assured the availability of funds and services to accommodate the increasing number of Pagibig members coming in their office to file their loan applications.  

“Pagibig is now accepting applications for calamity loans along with multi-purpose and housing loans although we’re still working on full recovery of our system since our internet connection is also affected by the typhoon," Rivero said.

Albay, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte and Sorsogon are the provinces in the region declared under state of emergency.

Rivero said under the Pag-ibig calamity loan program, members with at least 24 monthly contributions and with updated contribution five months before availment may borrow up to 80 percent of their total savings.

“This time, annual interest rate has been lowered from 10.75% to 5.95%. The loan is payable within 24 months after a three month grace period,” she said.

Rivero added that members with existing loans may still file for new calamity loan applications.

“Members with existing Pag-IBIG multi-purpose or calamity loans may still file for new calamity loan applications, provided that it has not incurred arrears and that the sum of all loans, including the new one being applied for, does not exceed 80 percent of his total accumulated savings,”she explained.

To further accommodate immediate loan applications Rivero said Pagibig will be having temporary assistance desks at various provinces until August 15.

She said the deadline of loan applications is on October 3 or 90 days from the date of declaration.

Rivero added that members with existing housing loans may also for file insurance claims against allied perils if the property covered by the loan was damaged by the typhoon.

The amount of which will depend on the extent of damage to the property.

Rivero also cited the Modified Pag-ibig II or MP2 program which is solely a savings scheme designed to provide Pag-IBIG I members with another savings option that would grant them with a yield higher than those given under the Pag-IBIG I membership program.

 “We are also inviting our Pagibig I members or our regular members to avail of our MP2 program wherein they can save a minimum of P500.00 added to their monthly contribution. They can withdraw it after five years, tax free and with dividend rates higher than Pagibig I contributions,” she said.

“Moreover MP2 program is just for savings and not for loan purposes,” Rivero added.(MAL/SAA-PIA5/Albay)