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Monday, September 7, 2015

Residential, commercial retirement centre soon to rise in Legazpi

LEGAZPI CITY, Sept. 7 (PIA) -- At least 200 retirees will benefit from the proposed residential and commercial retirement center in a 20.80 hectares lot to be constructed by the Japanese firm Luxcess Business Consulting Inc. in the villages of Puro and Lamba in the southern part of this city.

Mayor Noel Rosal of this city bared that the project was conceptualized when he and Luxcess president Hideaki Takeda has established a tie up deals for the project dubbed “Close-up Legazpi”.

Rosal said the Japanese firm has chosen Legazpi City as one of the beneficiaries of this project for reason that this city is acclaimed as one of the most livable localities in the country with a peaceful community and environmental friendly programs and policies, among others.

He added that the retirement center will showcase tourism and investment ventures that will boost the already booming tourism industry of the city.

The partnership to make this project a reality, according to Rosal, will also strengthen the relationship of Legazpi City and the Chosi City of Japan.

Based on the feasibility study prepared by Engr. Rey Benedict Rico of the city planning office, the retirement center complex will be composed of three road sections including the main road measuring 15 meters road bed width and .20 road pavement thickness; the minor collector road with a design of 12 meters of road bed width with .15 meters road pavement thickness; and, the alleys with a width of 3 meters with .10 meters pavement thickness.

Buildings will also include 12 units of two storey-apartment with an area of 450 square meters composed of shear unit-resisting frame system of reinforced concrete beams, galvanized sheets roofing on steel trusses, flooring that is a slab-on-grade construction and the walls are non-structural hollow blocks.

The apartment building will be equipped with porch, corridors, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and bath and service area.

Other edifices to be constructed in the retirement village are the 30 units of residential buildings, facilities for administration, cub house, chapel, guardhouse and public toilets.

The residential unit is a two-storey detached/duplex building with an area of 70 square meters with porch and garage, living and dining areas, kitchen, bedroom, toilets, and bath and service area.

The building is composed of ordinary moment-resisting frame system of reinforced beams and column over a square spread footing with tie beams.

Administration building is also included in the project proposal to be constructed in the retirement center that includes the putting of lobby/lounge and reception areas, administrator’s office, administrative staff office, maintenance room and comfort rooms among others.

The chapel, club house, guard house and public toilets will be constructed with the same spread footing foundations and a galvanized sheet roofing design with steel trusses while the floor is on slab on grade construction and the walls are non-structural hollow blocks.

The retirement village will also have own water supply system by way of installing deep well, power house, electro-mechanical devices, concrete elevated tank and distribution piping system to make sure the supply of water in the area is safe and sufficient.

The source of electricity in the retirement center will be directly from local power cooperative, however, the project developer will provide the transmission lines, electrical poles and cables, transformers and service power lines.

The bidding of the telecommunication system, internet service connections, cable TV will be opened to all the interested service providers existing in the city.

A two-bay equipment shed with office space will also be constructed to service fire brigades in a 200 square meters of land inside the center to protect the lives of the people in the village and prevent further damage of property. (MAL/EPS-CGLegazpi/Pia5/Albay)

- See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/771441611966/residential-commercial-retirement-centre-soon-to-rise-in-legazpi#sthash.lpdb7jjA.dpuf

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