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Thursday, November 24, 2016

PIA to modernize, evolve with the digital world – DDG Villar

By Julius B. Embile

LEGAZPI CITY, Nov. 24 (PIA) – Introducing a fresh direction on the Philippine Information Agency’s (PIA) functions, the agency’s new deputy director general Gregorio Angelo Villar stressed on the agency’s plans of having its offices to grow and evolve with the modern world, specifically with the rapidly rising digital media.

Villar visited Tuesday last week PIA’s Bicol regional office for a conference with the regional and provincial offices' officials and employees as part of PIA Central Office’s efforts in bringing the agencies much closer to the regional offices.

“Information plays a crucial role in nation-building. But what we have to focus on is our approach,” said Villar.

“The purpose of these regional visits, which we plan to do as often as we could, is to get the pulse of every employee and identify the best practices that we could use to move forward,” he added.

As described by the DDG, the PIA has been trying to catch-up with the demands of the evolution of information, but now we must cease to be outdated and actually keep-up with this day and age. The agency’s new leadership, under the Duterte Administration, looks to modernize the PIA.

PIA, being a multi-media platform for the government’s public information, is to be organized with a streamlined flow of information between the government and the people. As integrated in the PIA’s immediate plans, the national and regional development communication networks are to be revived, with an increased focus on social digital media.

Digital technologies, that will provide a seamless connection among the PIA offices, are to be utilized. Under the new Digital Communications Unit (DigiComs), information sharing is aimed to evolve to technologically advance means like video and teleconferencing.

Release of public communications would also be improved by featuring internet blogs, digital TV programs, and micro-sites.

“We (PIA) are trying to prepare as early as now. Considering that digital media is utilized by 45% of the population today, it may increase by 80% in a matter of two years and by then we may have fallen behind,” explained DDG Villar.

PIA’s new direction towards modernization also included an overall realignment of the officers’ and employees’ skill sets. Specifically, skills on information technology (IT) are to be given priority in terms of the offices’ human resource departments.

“We need to be fluid and dynamic; changes would be happen fast as our President wants actions and solutions fast. We should be able to be fast as well so we would not be left behind,” said the DDG.

The first step, as explained by DDG Villar, is to eliminate irrelevant processes that would rather burden the offices for mere compliance. As laid out in every regional office of PIA, the agency’s new leaders would now focus on three main thrust guidelines: (1) capacity building to fulfill the role of advertising and public relations arm of the government, (2) development of grassroots communication, and (3) give emphasis on developmental communication for good governance.

To DDG Villar, the PIA’s new path towards modernization is the edge needed in keeping up with the needs of building informed society which has been PIA’s main goal from the start. (MAL/JBE/PIA-5)

- See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/3301479885203/pia-to-modernize-evolve-with-the-digital-world-ddg-villar#sthash.VWMacNb4.dpuf

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