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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DOLE on ENDO: 285 contract workers in Bicol are now regular employees

LEGAZPI CITY, Sept. 28 (PIA) – The number of contract workers being absorbed as regular employees by their companies has been increasing since, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Bicol.

DOLE Bicol officer in charge Atty. Ma Karina Perida-Trayvilla stated that more local firms in the region have voluntarily absorb their contract workers fourteen days after attending the End of Contractualization  (ENDO) Regional Consultation conducted by DOLE Bicol on September 1.

“Actually we were expecting this to happen. We know that our local firms would understand the context of ENDO and will positively react about it,” Trayvilla said.

She furthered that the increase in the number of local companies voluntarily absorbing their contract employees has at least doubled after DOLE Bicol publicly announced the first three companies which voluntarily absorbed employees right after said regional consultation.

Based on recent records, some 285 contract workers were absorbed as regular employees by 24 local firms or principals, referring  to the main business firm or establishment that hired the services of a manpower agency, from all over the region.

The absorbed contract workers were from shopping malls, restaurant, manufacturing, distribution, Electric Cooperative, sales and even from a national government agency.

“This is a very positive development at least the absorption of the workers were voluntary. We hope that other establishments would follow. As I always say, we are all Bicolanos and I am appealing to the principals as a Bicolano so that they would absorb workers voluntarily,” the DOLE chief said.

During the regional consultation, Trayvilla reiterated that it will be more beneficial to both the manpower agency and the principal to voluntarily absorb workers rather than wait for DOLE Bicol to rule a Labor-Only-Contracting (LOC) order as the office may even give some sort of a lee-way, in terms of the monetary benefits, which is better compared to issuing a Compliance Order.

“If we issue a compliance order then there the process would have to be followed. What the order says then it shall be upheld. So we really suggest that we do it the voluntary way,” she said.

Furthermore, some ten manpower agencies have set meeting with DOLE to clarify ENDO issues and concerns.

“Again we welcome this development. At least they (agencies) are the ones coming to us already. “  Trayvilla noted.

DOLE Bicol has publicly announced that at least 50% of the recorded contract workers must be absorbed by the principals before the end of 2016 in adherence to the directives of President Rodrigo Duterte and DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello, III.(MAL/SAA/DOLE5-PIA5/Albay)

- See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/2571475045541/dole-on-endo-285-contract-workers-in-bicol-are-now-regular-employees#sthash.fEqFQriq.dpuf

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