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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Albay officials, health partners back Duterte health programs

LEGAZPI CITY, Sept 20 (PIA) – Albay local chief executives and health officers recently convened last week for an orientation seminar on the new strategies of the current administration in strengthening health programs.

The Department of Health Albay provincial office conducted the orientation seminar on the “Duterte Health Agenda” dubbed “All for Health Towards Health for All Program” to inform the local chief executives and health leaders on the activities and plans that the DOH will be implementing and in turn align the local health programs to this initiative.

Albay board member and Health Committee chair Howard Pem Imperial said the provincial government supports DOH and other LGUs in their drive to achieve their health goals.

“We, the PGA will show solidarity and provide full support to all your endeavors, the idiom Health is Wealth is just casually thrown around these days but no one really gives it much attention, I call on all of you to share your skills and knowledge in the field of health and challenge you to use them in the service of others.” Imperial said.

Imperial furthered that investing in the health care of Albayanos will not just give them happy lives, but also help in the growth of the province, noting that healthy Albayanos are active and productive members of the community.

During the orientation, DOH Albay presented that although there are positive growths in the health landscape in Albay, it is still below the national average and is moving at a slow pace.

Moreover, aligning the health programs of all LGUs to the DOH Health agenda would allow the province to reach its health goals at a faster rate.

DOH Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial has earlier stressed the important role and support of local partners and various stakeholders in achieving the goals of the “Duterte Health Agenda” which aims to implement the three-point goals of President Rodrigo Duterte to achieve better health outcomes and attain the goal of Universal Health Care (UHC).

The first goal is for all Filipinos attaining their best health outcomes, living longer in a healthy age with few illnesses and preventing premature deaths from the scourges of stressful daily living and emerging public health threats like drug addiction.

The second goal centers on ensuring that all Filipinos, particularly the poorest of the poor, will gain freedom from high costs of medical care, prevent financial ruin and to be liberated from profit-oriented health services.

The third and final goal is for all Filipinos to have satisfactory experience when they access health services, where they feel respected and valued, and finally become in charge of their own health care.(MAL/SAA-PIA5/Albay)

- See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/2571474343885/albay-officials-health-partners-back-duterte-health-programs#sthash.3akUEbcx.dpuf

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