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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Salceda honors teachers on Teachers' Night at DMF 2016

LEGAZPI CITY, April 28 (PIA) -- Governor Joey Salceda led last night the people of the province of Albay in honoring the teachers for their service, selflessness, and devotion to the development of the youth in the country.

Salceda, who keynoted the Teachers' Night forming part of the month-long Daragang Magayon Festival 2016 this April, stressed that, "tonight you are not underappreciated or the subject of ridicule because tonight you are the stars and we gaze upon your brilliance with awe and admiration."

The governor furthered, "Today, I won’t be telling you that I am the son of two great educators. I am sure you know that already. Today, I won’t even mention my seven auntie nuns who were, for all intents and purposes, my moral formators.  Neither will I regale you with stories about one of my former teachers who eventually became my boss and the 14th President of the Philippines."

Teachers, according to Salceda, are a rare breed of professionals who work tirelessly to impart knowledge yet whose professions are often taken for granted, as if teaching is just a routine of telling students to read and write.

"Yet the very nature of their profession requires too much time and effort, and demand too much of themselves to be fully devoted to the process and to students. Yet their remuneration rarely equal the efforts they exert towards achieving their tasks. The payback has always been less than expected, relative to other professions," he said.

The Filipino teacher is one of the lowest paid, most underappreciated teachers in the world.

"With that, here in Albay I have worked tirelessly to provide our teachers with opportunities for graduate education through our Graduate Studies Subsidy Program (GRASSP) I believe in enabling our teachers because a graduate degree does not only raise their chances for promotion and better pay, it also increases their level of expertise, thus benefitting the entire academic ecosystem," he stressed.

He observed that teachers are often unfairly blamed for the sad state of our educational system as a whole, but rarely praised for the efforts in complying with the requirements of their jobs.

"When I became Governor, I decided to institutionalize incentives for our teachers so they will be rewarded for their excellent service and tireless devotion to shaping the supple minds of our young," he recalled.

The governor cited that Albay has carried out the “Gawad Albay sa Edukasyon Awards” honoring the Ten Outstanding Teachers of Albay and Three Outstanding Principals in the Countryside of Albay among others.

"It is my hope that these awards not only motivate our teachers and principals to perform better, it will also give cause for praise and recognition," he concluded.  (MAL-PIA5/Albay)

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