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Thursday, March 10, 2016

World Kidney Day celebration in Bicol highlights children’s renal health

LEGAZPI CITY, Mar 10 (PIA) – The Department of Health Bicol leads today the celebration of the World Kidney Day with the theme “Kidney Disease and Children: Act Early to Prevent It” with the kick-off activity held at the Bicol University Integrated Laboratory School grounds here.

DOH Bicol director Napoleon Arevalo said this year’s theme resonates the need to learn the habit of taking care of our kidneys at an early age noting that adult renal diseases can be traced from childhood.

The DOH has likewise teamed up with the Philippine Society of Nephrology (Bicol Chapter), Department of Education, Bicol University and selected public and private schools.

The kick-off activity will also serve as information campaign aimed for children and young students through a short lecture on the functions and steps that can be taken to ensure healthy kidneys and prevent renal diseases.

Arevalo said the activity will be concluded with a ceremonial “Move your feet” dance exercise as reminder that regular exercise and physical activity can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and obesity which are the leading causes of kidney diseases.

The elementary schools selected to join the kick off activity are Polangui Elementary School, Oas North Central School, Daraga North Central School, BInitayan Elementary School, Bagtang Elementary School, Bagumbayan Elementary School, Albay Central School, Sto. Domingo Elementary School, Paimont Elementary School, St. Agnes Academy and Sunshine International School.

Arevalo said the disease is a global health concerns with over two million people worldwide, including children, who are currently undergoing dialysis or kidney transplant to stay alive.

He noted that in the Philippines, it is the seventh cause of death with an estimated 23,000 Filipinos going into dialysis due to kidney failure. Some children develop it at an early age while others have it since birth.

“Renal disease is highly preventable when we start young and practice healthy living. It is essential that we educate children on the early detection of renal disease and the importance of healthy lifestyle. We must inculcate this to the young people for them to develop a healthy habit that they will continue until old age which will ease them not only from the burden of kidney related disease but other illnesses as well,” stressed Arevalo.

The Philippine Society of Nephrology – Bicol has noted that the number of dialysis centers in the region has lately been increasing which may be an indicator of growing number of Bicolanos, including children, suffering from kidney failure.

This may be the result of unhealthy practices acquired in early childhood such as eating foods that are too salty, fatty and sweet or not drinking enough water, holding the urge to urinate and lack of good personal hygiene.

Thus, Arevalo urged the public to support the advocacy through healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

“Let us support this advocacy by having regular exercise and healthy lifestyle in our lives. Exercise does not only mean extensive workout. It can be in a form of simple household chores like “pagwawalis” and “pagbubunot.” Likewise, this should go along with proper diet,” he said.

The World Kidney Day is a global health awareness campaign celebrated every year on the second Thursday of March in more than 100 countries. It focuses on the vital functions of the kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney diseases and associated health problems worldwide.(MAL/SAA/DOH5/PIA5/Albay)

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