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Thursday, September 17, 2015

EDMERO hosts Responders Training anew

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

PILI, Camarines Sur, Sept. 17 (PIA) --- In its continuous desire to strengthen the capacity of the members of the Camarines Sur Provincial Response team in effectively responding to disasters, the Environment, Disaster  Management and Emergency Response Office (EDMERO) has sent another set of trainees who will undergo the Provincial Volunteers Responders’ Training course.

Participants of the second batch will undergo longer training exposures and more extensive period to discuss the various modules this time as compared to the 1st batch of responders. This is to ensure that they have already familiarized themselves with the elements of rescue operations after finishing the 45-day training period.

Lectures were segmented into different topics to familiarize the responders on the different concerns that might challenge their persistence during the actual rescue operations.

Trainees will be given lectures on understanding the environment, including the different DRR concepts and principles. This is for the participants to learn and understand the environmental situation of Camarines Sur and increase their awareness in the protection and preservation measures being undertaken by the province.

There will be visual and participatory discussion and statistical presentations which will be conducted by experts coming from Upland, Freshwater, Advocacy and Disaster Units. The legal framework of DRRM will also be part of the discussion.

The 2nd batch of trainees, which is composed of 20 participants will also undergo a healthy lifestyle session to give them inputs on proper diet and nutrition, the bad effects of vices and how to avoid them so that the province is assured that they are also building health-prepared responders.

Discussions also include guidelines in giving emergency care, proper bandaging for the partakers to define and differentiate Bandage from Dressings and to know the importance of bandaging in First Aid and its applications. The types of medical emergencies, signs and symptoms and first aid management will likewise be discussed.

The 2nd batch of the Provincial Volunteers Responders training started on September 8 and will wrap up after 45 days.

The 1st batch is composed of 20 trainees, 6 of which are Kabalikat Civicom members from the Rinconada chapter.  Nineteen (19) of them passed the training on pre-hospital care; water safety and survival/ water search and rescue; basic firefighting; basic rope rescue; mountaineering course and basic light search and rescue.  One dropped out due physical incapacity.

EDMERO chief Luzena N. Bermeo is confident that the modules will significantly raise the aptitude and capacity of the responders to ensure the safety of Camarinenses in the advent of natural calamities and other unexpected eventualities.  (MAL/LSM-PIA5/Camarines Sur)

- See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/861442471047/edmero-hosts-responders-training-anew#sthash.9x3qw6XM.dpuf

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