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Monday, August 10, 2015

Radyo Partido showcases solar power to run radio station in CamSur

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

GOA, Camarines Sur, Aug. 10 (PIA) -- Starting off with a few solar panels to save cost from electricity consumption, the government-run radio station DZRP in Goa, Camarines Sur has since been reaping the fruit from utilizing the power of the sun to run its facilities, equipment and operations with big savings.

In a briefing of media from CamSur Energy Press Corps visiting the DZRP radio station recently, Partido Development Administration (PDA) acting chief for Operation Divison Charlie Balagtas excitedly shared the good news credited to the use of alternative source of energy that has since installation been working favorably for the institution.

This project was made possible through the partnership of PDA and the Office of Rep. Wimpy Fuentebella of the fourth congressional district of Camarines Sur currently sitting as the Vice Chair of the Energy Committee at the Congress.

“At daytime, the solar power can cover up to cover 52 percent of the electricity requirement of DZRP. But on average, the power supply covers 30 percent of the total electricity requirement based on the 18-hours operation of the station, wherein 10 hours of which is during daytime.  The solar panels are expected to generate 10,000 watts,” Balagtas said.

Balagtas added that in a span of barely three weeks following utilization of solar energy, the station has recorded a remarkable savings ranging from P14,000.00 up to 15,000.00 per month.

"This is even a modest estimate given the recent episodes of rain almost every day in the Partido area," he noted.

He furthered that DZRP solar power is not the usual battery-equipped apparatus which can save energy for utilization after daytime.

Balagtas said that the station decided to do away with the batteries from the package as their upkeep can be more cost-intensive, adding that in 5-year time, the batteries will need a new replacement.

 DZRP or Radyo Partido which serves the Partido District of Camarines Sur and parts of Albay area is sourcing out their alternative power from the initial 34 panels installed in the station’s rooftop.  It would need a total of more or less 80 panels more to absorb all the power needs of the station’s daily operations.
CASURECO IV Corporate Planning Section chief Engr. Rick Gonzales commended the said initiative stating that the energy that will be saved by DZRP can be channeled to other areas in the Partido area which are also in need of additional supply.

Balagtas said that they are also contemplating on using solar panels to lessen the operational costs of their existing water treatment facilities in Partido area which are usually consuming a big chunk of electricity.

In the future, PDA is not only thinking of expanding the use of solar panels, but will also begin looking for alternative sources of energy, like tapping hydro power sources to augment the district’s needs for additional and alternative sources of energy.  (MAL/LSM-PIA5/Camarines Sur)

- See more at: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/861439195017/radyo-partido-showcases-solar-power-to-run-radio-station-in-camsur#sthash.t3Z9t6dk.dpuf

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